Immaculate Conception: Isn’t It Against Laws Of Nature?

This article covers the answer to the question: “Immaculate Conception: Isn’t It Against Laws Of Nature?

Jesus had no father, thus no importance may be given to the words of those who attempt to change through idiotic, forced interpretations this firm and authentic truth, due to supposing to be impossible contravention of a law of human reproduction. For there is no law at all that has no exceptions and from which individuals are exempt. And there is no universal rule, which has not been breached by extraordinary individuals.

Since the time of Adam there has been no law to which there have been no individual exceptions. Firstly, the law of reproduction was violated in regard to origins by the origins of the two hundred thousand animal species, and brought to an end. That is, the two hundred thousand progenitors of the species, quite simply like Adam’s violated the law of reproduction. They were not born of a father and mother, and were given existence outside the law.

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Furthermore, the greater part-innumerable individuals-of the hundred thousand species we see with our eyes every spring are created outside that law, on the surface of leaves and on putrefied matter. So you can see just how unreasonable is someone who cannot accept with his reason the exception of a single individual in one thousand nine hundred years to a law that was violated and breached at its origin and has been so even every year, and clings to forced interpretations of the definite statements of the Holy Book.

The things those wretches call natural laws are the Divine practices, which are a universal manifestation of the Divine command and dominical will, and which the Almighty God changes for certain instances of wisdom. He shows that His will and choice govern in everything and in every law. Certain extraordinary individuals breach those ‘practices.’ This truth He points out through His decree,

“The similitude of Jesus before God is as that of Adam (3:59).”

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