How Will The Spirits Return To Their Bodies?

How will the spirits return to their bodies, will bodies be reconstructed, and will the body be resurrected?

The answer to the question:

There are three Matters concerning the resurrection: Spirits will return to their bodies, bodies will be reanimated, and bodies will be resurrected.


A parable for the return of spirits to their bodies is the following. The soldiers of a highly disciplined army, having dispersed in all directions in order to rest, are summoned together with a loud re-echoing blast on the trumpet. Now the Sur, the trumpet of Israfil (Angel of the appointed time) is certainly no less powerful than that army’s trumpet.


A parable for the reanimation of bodies. Just as in a great city, on a festive night, a hundred thousand lamps may be lit from a single power station, in a single instant, without the apparent passage of any time. So too it is possible to switch on a hundred million electric lamps all over the globe from a single power station. If a creation of God Almighty such as electricity, a servant and a candle-holder in His hospice, can manifest this property through the lesson of training and discipline it has learned from its Creator. Then resurrection may also take place in a fraction of a second, within the framework of the orderly laws of Divine Wisdom, which thousands of luminous servants, like electricity, represent.




A parable for the instant resurrection of bodies. In reality, there is not one parable for the resurrection of human bodies on the day of resurrection; there are thousands of parables. Some are the following: the fashion in which all the leaves of all trees are restored in the most perfect form, almost identically to those of the preceding spring, within a few days at the beginning of each spring, even though the trees are a thousand times more numerous than all the members of the human race; the way in which all the flowers and fruits of all trees are re-created just like those of the preceding spring, as swiftly as lightning; the sudden awakening, unfolding and coming to life of all those countless seeds, kernels and roots that are the origin of spring; the way in which trees, resembling erect skeletons, are suddenly caused to receive the manifestation of “resurrection after death”; the animation in most wondrous form of the countless members of all the classes of little animals; especially the resurrection of the flies in their tribes, and in particular the raising up, reanimation and resurrection in the course of a few days every spring, together with other tribes, of the members of this tribe, more numerous than all the sons of the human race, from the time of Adam down to the present, who constantly teach us ablution and cleanliness by constantly cleansing their faces, eyes and wings, and always caress us.

Now, this world is the realm of wisdom, and the hereafter is the abode of power. In this world, therefore, in accordance with the requirements of Names such as the All-Wise, Arranger, Disposer, and Nurturer, the creation of things is to some degree gradual and extends over time. This is required by Dominical wisdom. But since in the hereafter power and mercy are more manifest than is wisdom, things are created instantly without leaving any need for matter, time or delay. The Holy Book of Miraculous Exposition decrees, in allusion to the fact that matters that require here in this world a whole day or a whole year will be completed in the hereafter in an instant, a flash: “The command of the hour (of resurrection) will be like the glance of an eye, or briefer (16:30).”

If you wish to understand with full certainty that resurrection will come just like next spring, pay good attention to the Q & A section.


The death of the world and the coming of resurrection. If a planet or comet collides with this globe we inhabit like a hospice by the command of God, it may destroy our home, just as a palace that took ten years to build may be destroyed in a single minute.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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