Do You Love Jesus?

This article covers the answer to the question: “Do You Love Jesus?

Like all humans all over the world, we desire Love, it is what makes us complete. Some are even willing to overlook Truth in order to attain Love.

First, we must know what True Love is. True Love is a two-way street. This means we take Love as well as we give Love. If you love someone, you would care for them.

There is some doubt within the Gospel as to whether or not Jesus died on the cross, with some evidence from scholars that perhaps Jesus did not die. This should make the Christians happy that Jesus was saved instead of insisting he was put through a horrifying long painful death.

Do Christians feel attached to Jesus out of selfless true love or out of greed? If Christians had a true love for God, then they would be ecstatic to learn Jesus may not have been crucified and killed in such a horrid (accursed according to the Bible) but rather that it had appeared as if he was killed, similar to Jesus appearing to be an unknown gardener to Mary in the Cave {John 20:15}

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Instead, the Christians insist that Jesus suffered and bled and died filled with pain and anguish.

Is it love to insist this happened to someone you love even though some evidence suggests it may not have happened? Of course not, this is the farthest thing from love.

If someone you love was kidnapped, and there was some evidence that the one you love is safe, would you insist they are not safe?

we should not pass our sins to Jesus, we take responsibility for our own sins. We believe Jesus was sent by God to assist Israel in return to the Straight Path. Jesus never claimed he was sent to consume everyone’s sins, but instead to preach (which he did for over 30 years before returning to God) the good news of Peace.

If you love your neighbor, would you take your garbage and put it at your neighbor’s door? Absolutely not, you would take responsibility for your own garbage.

Paulian Christianity, in the scope of the big picture, is uncaring of Jesus, a bully to Jesus. This is not to suggest that our Creator is uncaring, for the fact is, that God does love.

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