Why Our Actions And Personal Sins Important

This article covers the importance of our actions and personal sins.

The All-Wise Book states in a miraculous fashion that the universe grows angry at the evil of the people of misguidance, and the universal elements become wrathful, and all beings, furious. In most awesome fashion it depicts the storm visited on the people of Noah and the assaults of the heavens and earth, the anger of the element air at the denial of the Aad and Thamud peoples, and the fury of the sea and element water at the people of Pharaoh, and the rage of the element earth at Qarun, and in accordance with the verse,

Almost bursting with fury, (67:8)’

the vehemence and anger of Hell at the people of unbelief in the Hereafter, and the rage of the other beings at the unbelievers and people of misguidance; in miraculous fashion, it restrains the people of misguidance and rebellion.

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Our actions

Unbelief and misguidance are awesome aggression and crime that concern all beings. One of the greatest results of the universe’s creation is man’s worship and his responding to Divine dominicality with belief and submission. However, due to the denial of unbelief, the people of unbelief and misguidance reject that supreme result, which is the ultimate cause of beings and the reason for their continued existence, and therefore perpetrate a sort of transgression against the rights of all beings. So too, since they deny the manifestations of the Divine Names, which are apparent in the mirrors of beings, exalting their value, they insult those sacred Names, and in addition, by degrading the value of all beings, greatly detract them. And while all beings are dominical officials charged with elevated duties, through unbelief, the people of misguidance cast them down, and showing them to be lifeless, transitory, meaningless creatures, they in a way violate the rights of all of them.

Thus, since according to its degree, the varieties of misguidance harm to a greater or lesser extent the dominical wisdom in the universe’s creation and the Divine purposes in the world’s continued existence, the universe becomes angry at the people of rebellion and misguidance, as do all beings and creatures.

O wretched man, whose being is small but guilt great and sin grievous! If you want to be delivered from the wrath of the universe, the rage of beings, and the aversion of creatures, here is the means: it is to enter the sacred bounds of the All-Wise Book and to follow the Practices of the Noble Messenger, who was the herald of the Book. So enter the bounds and follow the Practices!

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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