What Is The Holy Book And How Is Defined?

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The Holy Book (the Qur’an) is the pre-eternal translator of the mighty Book of the Universe, and the post-eternal interpreter of the various tongues reciting the verses of creation, and the commentator of the book of the Worlds of the Seen and the Unseen, and the revealer of the treasuries of the Divine Names hidden in the heavens and on the earth, and the key to the truths concealed beneath the lines of events, and the tongue of the Unseen World in the Manifest World, and the treasury of the post-eternal favor of Divine Mercy and of the pre-eternal addresses of Divine Glory, which come from the World of the Unseen beyond the veil of this Manifest World; it is the sun, foundation, and plan of the immaterial world of Islam, and the sacred map of the worlds of the hereafter, and the expounding word, lucid exposition, decisive proof, and clear interpreter of the Divine Essence, Attributes, Names, and functions; it is the instructor of the world of humanity, and the light and water of submission – the macroanthropos, and the true wisdom of mankind, and the true guide and leader urging humanity to prosperity and happiness, and it is a both a book of law, and a book of prayer, and a book of wisdom, and a book of worship, and a book of command and summons, and a book of invocation, and a book of thought, and a unique, comprehensive Sacred Book, comprising many books, to which recourse may be had for all the needs of all mankind. And it is a Revealed Scripture like a sacred library offering treatises suitable for all the various ways and different paths of the all the saints and the veracious ones and the wise and the learned, which is appropriate for the illuminations of each way and enlightens it, and is suitable for the course of each path and depicts it.

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The Holy Book has come from the Sublime Throne, and the Greatest Name, and from the highest degree of each Name, it is God’s Word in regard to the Sustainer of All The Worlds. And it is God’s decree through the title of God of All Beings. And it is an address in the name of the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. And it is a conversation in respect of Absolute Dominicality. And it is a pre-eternal discourse on account of universal Divine Sovereignty. And it is a notebook of the favors of the Most Merciful One in regard to all-embracing, all-encompassing Divine Mercy. And it is a collection of addresses at the start of which are certain ciphers in respect of the tremendousness of Divine Majesty. And through its descent from the comprehensiveness of the Greatest Name, it is a Sacred Book full of wisdom, which looks to and inspects all sides of the Sublime Throne.

It is because of this mystery that with complete fitness the title of The Word of God has been given to Holy Book, and is always given. After the Holy Book comes the level of the Books and Scriptures of the other prophets. But the other innumerable Divine Words are each in the form of inspiration made manifest through special regard, a partial title, a particular manifestation, a particular Name, a special Dominicality, particular sovereignty, a special Mercy. The inspirations of the angels and man and the animals vary greatly with regard to universality and particularity.

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The Holy Book

The Holy Book is a Revealed Scripture, which comprises in summary the Books of all the prophets, whose times were all different the writings of all the saints, whose paths are all different, and the works of all the purified scholars, whose ways are all different. Its six aspects are all brilliant and refined of the darkness of doubts and skepticism; its point of support is a certain heavenly revelation and the pre-eternal Word; its aim and goal is self-evidently eternal happiness; its inner aspect is clearly pure guidance; its upper aspect is necessarily the lights of belief; its lower aspect is undeniably evidence and proof; its right aspect is evidently the surrender of the heart and conscience; its left aspect is manifestly the subjugation of the reason and intellect; its fruit is indisputably the Mercy of the Most Merciful One and the realm of Paradise, and its rank and desirability are assuredly accepted by the angels and man and the jinn.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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