The Meaning Of Dreams

The meaning of dreams is as unique and individual as you are. Just like snowflakes, no two souls are alike, and no two people dream alike.

When we are asleep, our bodies rest and regenerate while our spirit travels into other dimensions of reality. Paying attention to the meaning of dreams can help us to understand ourselves better, and can help us to attune to the larger part of ourselves.

Dreams can serve many purposes. It has been said that dreams allow us to ‘try on’ many different probable realities, and to choose the one that is best suited for our learning. It has also been said that human beings dream together, and that we co-create physically manifest reality together.

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Dreams can help us to solve problems and to bring healing to unresolved issues in our lives. We can also receive spiritual guidance, spiritual healings, and spiritual teachings through understanding the meaning of our dreams. A compelling and profound dream can even change our lives.

As an example, in my last semester of graduate school I had a dream urging me to move to western Massachusetts. At the time I was living in the Boston area and had a thriving massage therapy practice, many job contacts, and family in that area.

I had no desire to move and balked at the idea. I dismissed the dream, however the guidance stayed with me and nudged my intuition until I finally made a trip out there to investigate the area. Eventually it became clear to me that spirit was asking me to relocate.

This was to become one of the most significant choices of my life. During the many years I lived there, I met my best friend, my husband and my spiritual teacher, and I also opened my first spiritual healing practice. Tremendous growth and healing happened for me there, and it all started with a dream.

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Ways to Discover the Meaning of Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that was so compelling that when you awoke, you still could feel something of the dream that carried into your waking life? Dreams that affect us deeply compel us to search for the meaning of dreams, and to understand what the dream’s message is for us. Dreams are always teaching us, and the more we can listen, the more healing we can receive. Here are a few simple ways you can begin to understand the meaning of your dreams.

  • One simple way that I learned to discover the meaning of dreams is to choose a character from the dream and then “be” that character. This works best when done with a partner who can listen to you, however you can also do this by yourself by writing from the perspective of a dream character.For example if you dreamed about an angry, barking dog, then take a moment to become the dog. What does it see and feel? What is his or her environment like? Communicate in words, sounds or body movement, and follow this expression until you feel complete. Do this several times with the same dream image, and this will open up your understanding and experience of the meaning of dreams. I promise you this will be revealing!
  • Another method to learn the meaning of a dream is to simply ask for spiritual guidance. When you have some time to pray or meditate, ask for guidance on what message the dream has for you. The dream could hold a message for you, or may simply be a way of your body, mind and spirit releasing old energies.There are also many dream dictionaries and books written on the meaning of dreams that offer ideas and guidelines for discovering what message a dream has for you. It is important to understand that these are only guidelines, there is no hard and fast rule that a particular dream symbol has a particular meaning. The true meaning of a dream is something only you can know. It is important when you study any kind of dream interpretation that you always ask your intuition and inner guidance “does this resonate with me?”
  • Another way to discover the meaning of dreams is to develop a regular spiritual practice that opens your awareness more to other levels of your consciousness beyond the daily life experience. A program of daily meditation can greatly help you with this. Even ten minutes a day of meditation can dramatically affect your ability to connect with your deeper self, and to understand the meaning of your dreams.

    Dreams Quotes

    Dreams Quotes

Meaning of Dreams in the Spiritual Healing Process

As we progress on the spiritual path, our dreams can assist us in the transformational process. During the process of purification, what is unbalanced and unfinished within us comes to the surface for healing. During this time our dreams can assist us in this process, both through our greater awareness of our dreams, and also through our prayer to receive healing through understanding the meaning of our dreams.

As we become clearer and less emotionally burdened, we become more open to the planetary collective consciousness of which we are a part. The larger cosmic energies that are active in the world today may also influence our dreams.

During the spiritual healing process, we become more sensitive to the world around us, and to other dimensions of reality. There is a whole new understanding that can awaken within us of our connections with God, with the Earth, with each other, and with all of life. Our dreams grow and transform as we do, and can assist us in moving more fully into our larger spiritual identities.

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