The Holy Book Is A Divine Letter To You

The Holy Book is the Divine Word or Speech, which was sent down to man, whom God has created as the best pattern of creation and with the capacity of being the addressee of the Divine speech. If, considering its glory, magnificence and significance as the Divine Word, it had been sent down to a mountain, we would have seen it rent asunder for fear and awe of God. Despite the Holy Book’s weight and gravity, since man has closed his senses and faculties to it, he cannot feel and appreciate its significance. One, who has become an alien to the Holy Book in one’s inner world of feelings and thoughts and does not give it any place in his life, will have nothing to receive from the Holy Book.

For one who is a good ‘diver’
The Holy Book is an ocean replete with jewels;
While one indifferent to it,
Has nothing to receive from it.

The Holy Book is a Divine Book, which God sent in portions to meet all the needs of humanity. The Holy Book is the Book diffusing blessing. It is a blessed Book, peerless in its sublimity and holiness.

Those who obey its commandments live a blessed life and acquire superiority over others. The Holy Book changes their world into a kind of Paradise, where its blessings bloom like flowers. In order to benefit from its blessings, we should, besides obeying its commandments, reflect continually on its verses and try to deduce the answers to all our questions and the solutions to our problems. The Holy Book is the very essence of life; the more dedicated to the Holy Book a life is, the more blessed and fruitful it is, while life distant from the Holy Book is condemned to anarchy, confusion and wretchedness.

God’s Messenger declares:

“The best among you is he who learns the Holy Book (with all the truths it contains) and then teaches it to others. In order to be included in the best, we should go through the truths of the Holy Book and then teach it to others.”

The Holy Book is a Divine letter to us. Rather than the sheet, the content is important. This letter contains all the principles according to which we must design our lives.

Our Creator has honored us with His Word. The more respectful and obedient to this Word a person is, the more honored and respected he is.

In another of his sayings, God’s Messenger declares:

“One who proclaims (the truths) of the Holy Book openly and recites it to make it heard by all people is like him who gives his alms openly. Another who recites it secretly is like him who gives his alms secretly.”

In order to understand the Holy Book, one should consider that the Holy Book addresses him in all its commands and prohibitions and in all its promises and warnings.

The purpose for giving alms openly is to urge others to alms giving. By reciting the Holy Book openly, one exhorts others by example to its recitation. However, one who recites the Holy Book secretly in the darkness of night should search for himself in the Holy Book and consider himself as the first and foremost addressee of it.

If one recites the Holy Book sincerely and in full consciousness of its being God’s Revealed Word, one feels revived by itself. If possible, one should recite the Holy Book or hear its recitation as if God’s Messenger was reciting it or, a step forward, as if Gabriel was reciting it to God’s Messenger or, still a step forward, as if he was hearing it from God Almighty Himself.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi