The Diseases Of The Carnal Self

Is There a prescription for the diseases of the carnal self?

This consists of Five Paragraphs which contain prescriptions for truth to which the rebellious, and arrogant carnal self has to yield.

First paragraph

Since things exist and have been made with skill, then a Supreme Maker must exist. If the existence of everything is ascribed to One Being only, then the creation of everything is as easy as the creation of one thing alone, which would not be the case if we imagine other creators. When we confess the creation of the earth and the heavens to be the work of a sole Creator, we cannot help concluding that a Wise and Skillful Creator would not allow disorder to arise by allowing others to administer living beings. He would not reduce to absurdity His Divine purpose in causing the existence of all creation by allowing that power to any other than Himself, and He would not allow creation to worship and be thankful to someone else.soul

Second paragraph

O my haughty carnal soul! You are like a grape vine. Someone else, not yourself, has made you wear bunches of grapes like a garment, do not be boastful.

Third paragraph

O arrogant carnal soul! Do not be proud of your services to God’s religion. As has been stated in a Prophetic tradition, Surely God may also strengthen this religion by means of a dissolute man. You are not pure, so you should regard yourself as that dissolute man. Purge yourself of self-admiration and pride by considering your service and worship as thanksgiving for God’s past favors to you, and a duty required by your humanity, and a consequence of your being God’s work of art.

Fourth paragraph

If you desire to acquire knowledge of the truth and true wisdom, try to attain the knowledge of God and know that the realities of creation consist in the rays of the Divine Name of Truth and the manifestations of His Names and Attributes. The reality of each human being, and of every existence, whether material or spiritual, substantial or accidental, originates in the light of one of His Names.

O my carnal soul, if you are attached to this temporary worldly life, and you want to flee from death, know that life is the moment of ‘now’, while you are living. All preceding time, together with the things which existed therein, have all passed away, and future time together with what is to come is non-existent. This means that your material life upon which you rely is of momentary duration, moreover, some scholars who know the truth say it has the term of an instant only. Some saints have concluded in consequence that the world does not exist by itself at all. Now, this is the reality, so abandon the materialistic life and try to live on a spiritual level, and discover how complete life can be.

Although the past and the future are dead for you, they are living for the people of sainthood who lead their life in the realm of the spirit. Now that this is the true reality, shed tears with all your heart, O my carnal soul, and cry out in pain:

I am mortal but I do not want the mortal.
I am impotent so I do not desire the impotent.
I surrendered my spirit to the All-Merciful One, so I desire no one else.
I want someone who will remain my friend forever.
I am but an insignificant particle, but I desire an Everlasting Sun.
I am nothing in essence but I wish for the whole of creation.

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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