Outline Of New Religious Movements

Here is the outline of New Religious Movements.

New religious movements, a heterogeneous group of religious faiths emerging since the nineteenth century, often syncretizing, re-interpreting, or reviving aspects of older traditions such as Western esotericism, Modern Paganism, Hindu derived religions, New ethnic religions, Entheogenic religions, New Thought, some inspired by science-fiction, Political Religions, and Parody religions.

A cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religiousspiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal.

New Religious Movements Articles

Concepts in New Religious Movements

Altar Stone Wicca Cult

Wicca Altar

New Religious Movements

Main articles: New Religious Movement and List of new religious movements


Main article: Irreligion

New Thought

Main articles: New Thought and History of New Thought


Main articles: Cult and Mind Control

New Age

Main articles: New Age and List of New Age topics

Other new religions

Modern Paganism

Main articles: Modern PaganismEarth Religion, Matriarchal Religion, and List of Neopagan movements

Ethnic neopaganism

Main article: Polytheistic reconstructionism

Syncretic neopaganism

Western esotericism

Main articles: Western esotericismOccultOccultism, Left-hand path and right-hand path, and Magick (Thelema)

Entheogenic religions

Main article: Entheogen

Cargo cults

Main article: Cargo cults

New Hindu derived religions

New ethnic religions

Main article: Ethnic religion



Native American


Post-theistic and naturalistic religions

Main articles: Post-theism and Religious naturalism

UFO religions

Main article: UFO religions

Ufo Arrival People Group Crowd Be Amazed

UFO Followers

Parody religions

Main article: Parody religion

Political Religions

Main articles: Secularism and Secular Religion

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