List Of Native American Deities

List of Native American deities, sortable by name of tribe or name of the deity.

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North American deities

Tribe or group Deity or spirit Notes
Abenaki Azeban Trickster
Gluskab Kind protector of humanity
Malsumis Cruel, evil god
Pamola Bird spirit; causes cold weather
Tabaldak The creator
Blackfoot Apistotookii Creator
Napi Trickster
Haida Ta’xet God of violent death
Tia Goddess of peaceful death
Ho-Chunk Red Horn ‘He Who Wears (Human) Faces on His Ears’
Hopi Aholi A kachina
Angwusnasomtaka Crow Mother, a kachina
Kokopelli Fertility, flute player, a kachina
Kokyangwuti Creation, Spider grandmother
Muyingwa Germination of seeds, a kachina
Taiowa Sun spirit, creator
Innu Kanipinikassikueu Provider of caribou
Matshishkapeu Spirit of the anus
Inuit Igaluk Lunar deity
Nanook Master of bears
Nerrivik Sea mother and food provider
Pinga Goddess of the hunt, fertility, and medicine
Sedna Sea goddess, ruler of the underworld
Torngasoak Sky god
Iroquois Adekagagwaa Summer
Gaol Wind god
Gendenwitha Maiden, transformed into Morning Star by Dawn.
Gohone Winter
Hahgwehdaetgan God of evil. Twin of Hahgwehdiyu.
Hahgwehdiyu Creator; god of goodness and light. Twin of Hahgwehdaetgan.
Onatha Fertility
Kwakiutl Kewkwaxa’we Raven spirit
Lakota Canopus
Haokah Sacred clown
Whope Peace
Wi Solar spirit, father of Whope
Etu Personification of Time
Mi’kmaq Niskam
Miwok Coyote Trickster
Narragansett Cautantowwit Creator
Navajo Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehé Creation deity, changing woman
Bikʼeh Hózhǫ́ Personification of speech
Haashchʼéé Oołtʼohí Deity of the hunt
Haashchʼééłtiʼí The Talking god, god of the dawn and the east
Hashchʼéoghan The House-god, god of evening and the west
Niltsi Wind god
Tó Neinilii ‘Water sprinkler’, rain god
Jóhonaaʼéí Sun
Yoołgai Asdzą́ą́ ‘White-shell woman’, lunar deity
Mą’ii Coyote trickster god
Black God Creator of the stars, god of fire
See also Diné Bahaneʼ
Pawnee Pah Lunar deity
Shakuru Solar deity
Tirawa Creator
Salish Amotken Supreme deity
Seneca Eagentci Sky goddess
Hagones Trickster
Hawenniyo A fertility god
Kaakvha Solar deity
Snohomish Dohkwibuhch Creator
Taíno Yaya (god) Supreme God/Great Spirit
Yayael The son of Yaya
Atabey (goddess) Mother goddess of fresh water and fertility. Female counterpart of the god Yúcahu
Yúcahu The masculine spirit of fertility in Taíno mythology along with his mother Atabey who was his feminine counterpart
Guabancex The top Storm Goddess; the Lady of the Winds who also deals out earthquakes and other such disasters of nature.
Juracán The zemi or deity of chaos and disorder believed to control the weather, particularly hurricanes.
Guatauva The god of thunder and lightning who is also responsible for rallying the other storm gods.
Coatrisquie The torrential downpour Goddess, the terrible Taíno storm servant of Guabancex and side-kick of thunder God Guatauva.
Bayamanaco Old man fire; the Taíno spirit of Cohoba and guardian of the secrets of sweet potato bread.
Boinayel God of the sun and of good weather; Marohu’s twin brother.
Márohu God of the moon and of rain, rainstorms, and floods; Boinayel’s twin brother.
Maketaori Guayaba The god of Coaybay or Coabey, the land of the dead.
Opiyel Guabiron A dog-shaped god that watched over the dead; often associated with the Greek Cerberus.
Wyandot Airesekui Creation
Heng Storm god
Iosheka Creation
Representation of Igaluk (Ahn-ing-ah-neh).

Representation of Igaluk (Ahn-ing-ah-neh).

South American deities

Tribe or group Deity or spirit Notes
Inca Apu God or spirit of mountains.All of the important mountains have their own Apu, and some of them receive sacrifices to bring out certain aspects of their being. Some rocks and caves also are credited as having their own apu.
Ataguchu God who assisted in creation myth.
Catequil God of thunder and lightning.
Cavillace Virginity goddess. Ate a fruit, which was actually the sperm of Coniraya, the moon god. And gave birth to a son.
Cavillace’s son Son of Cavillace and Coniraya. When he was born, Cavillace demanded that the father step forward. No one did, so she put the baby on the ground and it crawled towards Coniraya. She was ashamed because of Coniraya’s low stature among the gods, and ran to the coast of Peru, where she changed herself and her son into rocks.
Ch’aska/ Ch’aska Quyllur Goddess of dawn and twilight.
Coniraya Moon god. Fashioned his sperm into a fruit, which Cavillaca then ate, and gave birth to a child.
Pachamama Fertility Goddess. Wife of Vircocha.
Viracocha Creation God. Husband of Pachamama.
Mama Killa Moon Goddess. Daughter of Vircocha and Pachamama. Wife of Inti.
Inti Sun God. Son of Vircocha and Pachamama. Husband of Mama Killa.
Manco Cápac Son of either Viracocha or Inti. First Emperor of Cuzco of the Inca Empire.
Mama Ocllo Wife of Manco Cápac. First Empress of Cuzco of the Inca Empire.
Ayar Cachi Brother of Manco Cápac.

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