50 More Ways To Make Friends

A lot of people really liked my post 50 Ways to Make Friends.

Many of my posts here are a bit too technical, and don’t get much response. But it felt really good to write something that helped people.

So I decided to write another 50 Ways to Make Friends.

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I hope this list of ideas and ways to make or improve friendships is just as useful!

1) Wear funny shirts

This is number one because it’s amazingly effective. Funny shirts help get conversations started in a wide variety of settings. Plus they can be quite cool.

2) Ask someone to show you their photos

People love sharing their photos. It can be Facebook photos or real ones; either way, they’ll like you a lot for asking.

3) Be eager to learn new things

Most people are experts in a certain field or area. Ask about their expertise!

They’ll be glad to share. You’ll learn something new while starting a new friendship. Pretty awesome.

4) Self promote a little

Don’t be ashamed to talk about the cool things going on in your life.

5) Remember things

Conversations are made a lot easier when you remember stuff already talked about.

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Children having fun

6) Throw a party or event

A great way to reinforce old friendships, make new ones, and just have fun is to throw a party. You can make it a potluck to save money. There are tons of possible variations and themes for you to consider.

7) Know what you shine at

Do things that you enjoy. You’ll have fun and so will the people you’re hanging out with. Conversely, don’t do things that bore the heck out of you.

8) Don’t be afraid to share

People have big hearts. If something is going on in your life, most people would love to help.

9) But hold back a little

Some things are private for a reason. This applies both to you, and to the people you’re talking to. Don’t dig too hard for juicy information.

10) Start a band!

Not for everyone, but starting a band is a great way to have fun.

11) Meet in public places

If you meet with your friends in public, like a coffee shop, your conversation might attract potentially cool strangers. Works especially well in college settings.

12) Have a way to get in touch

If you met someone and want to be friends, have a way to stay in touch!

13) Cook with friends

For some, inviting friends over to cook some complicated dishes is a great way to socialize. Plus you can eat the yummy food (or pretend to eat it while eating take-out pizza) while watching a fun TV show.

14) Accept invitations

Make it your habit to say “yes” when invited to a social event.

15) Be friendly

A bit obvious, but important. Even when you feel crappy, force yourself to be polite and friendly.

16) Don’t judge people

It’s easy to judge people. But you’re probably just as screwed up in different ways. No one does well in the spotlight.

17) Spread yourself out

Have a few close friends. Having just one very close friend has its positives, but can backfire.

18) Join a religious community



19) Help people out

As Jordan from Scrubs put it, “Helping someone move is great! It’s like oral sex. You do it once, and they owe you for the rest of their lives.”

Less cynically, it’s great to help your friends. And it’ll pay back when you need help.

20) Join an alumni organization

21) Compliment people

If someone does a great job, or just does something cool, let them know! Everyone likes being appreciated.

22) Be a good conversationalist

This link has some good advice on how to be a good conversationalist.

23) Practice!

Practice being social. The more you try, the better and more natural it’ll become.

24) You’ll get rejected

Along the way, you’ll get rejected every now and then. Or maybe a lot of times. It’s ok. You’ll get there.



25) Be patient

Friendships take time to develop. Patience!

26) Use mnemonics to remember names

When you meet someone, try to come up with an association of their name to help remember it.

27) Do something you love

28) Be a social activist

Get involved with social activism groups. You’ll make a difference in the world while hanging out with like-minded people.

29) Have fun!

You’re an adult now for the vast majority of the time. But when you’re with friends, you can be anything you want to. So let loose a little – have fun!

30) Start a study group

Find a subject you and some friends would like to learn, then start a group to study it together. Topics can range from web design to writing.

31) Stay in touch with those you meet/know

If you like someone and want to stay friends with them, try to see them at least 1-2 times a year. For a good friend, it should be a lot higher, of course.

32) Be positive

Don’t complain, whine, gossip, et cetra.

33) Travel with friends

34) Get a pet!

Having a pet is pretty much like having a friend. But of course, having a pet opens a whole new community to you.

35) Be there

When your friend needs help, give it. Remember what’s really important in life.

36) Don’t give up

37) Make friends at work

38) Treat people like they’re important

39) Show that you like someone

It’s okay to show that you are friends with someone or think they’re cool. People like to know they’re valued

40) Go for drinks with someone

This one is a bit intense, but getting drinks with someone is a really powerful way to get to know them better. Just keep it in moderation.

41) Do something beyond the call of duty

42) Surprise your friends

Do something nice for a friend for no reason. They’ll probably do the same for you. Before you know it, both of your lives will be a bit more interesting.

And even if they don’t return the favor, you’ll feel good for having done something nice.

43) Go dancing

Maasai Tribe Kenya Sky Clouds Men Jumping Dancing

Maasai warriors are from the Masai Mara area of Kenya performing a dance

44) Practice basic hygiene

It’s hard to make friends when your breath smells like a dragon!

45) Ask people about their families

46) Know about body language

Body language is a tricky subject. But if someone suddenly starts tapping their foot, or crosses their arms, it’s possible you hit a sore spot. Don’t obsess over body language, but know the basics.

47) Relate to people in their way

48) Tell people about cool things!

49) Value the friends you have

Your friends are, flaws and all, a pretty awesome bunch. Value what you’ve got!

50) Share useful sh*t like this list!

That’s right. Studies show that sharing lists like this one not only wins you tons of new friends – it also makes you more attractive.

I hope this list was able to inspire some thoughts or give you a useful idea or two. If so, please stumble or share it in some capacity to pay it forward =).

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