Buddhist Music

Galba. She was the last of the Tuvan Shaman in Mongolia.

Shamanic Music

Shamanic Music Shamanic music is music played either by actual shamans as part of their rituals, or by people who, whilst not themselves shamans, wish to evoke the cultural background of shamanism in some way. So Shamanic music includes both music used as part of shamans’ rituals and music that refers to, or draws...

A Buddha in Borobudur.

Culture of Buddhism

Culture of Buddhism Culture of Buddhism is exemplified through Buddhist art, Buddhist architecture, Buddhist music and Buddhist cuisine. As Buddhism expanded from the Indian subcontinent it adopted artistic and cultural elements of host countries in other parts of Asia. Features of Buddhist culture Buddhist Economics or the way in which work life is organized...

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Buddhist Music

Buddhist Music Buddhist music is music created for or inspired by Buddhism and part of Buddhist art. The teachings or Dharma of the Buddha mention music on many occasions. It is written in an important Buddhist text the Amitabha Sutra, that heavenly singing and chanting is heard all day and night in the world around...

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