Prophets and Messengers

Prophets and Messengers bringers of a divine revelation via an angel from God. God has created no community of beings in the world without a purpose and left them without a guide or leader. Messengers are guidance for humans both spiritual and intellectual and material perfection.


prophet is an individual who is regarded as being in contact with a divine being and is said to speak on that entity’s behalf, serving as an intermediary with humanity by delivering messages or teachings from the supernatural source to other people. The message that the prophet conveys is called a prophecy.

Prophet and prophethood

Prophets of Abrahamic Religions

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Jesus, Son of Mary

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Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi wasallam

Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi wasallam

Prophet Muhammad

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Jesus Christ Sayings

Jesus Christ Sayings We have collected and put the best Jesus Christ sayings in the following categories. Enjoy reading these insights and feel free to share this page on your social media to inspire others. May these Jesus Christ sayings on many subjects inspire you to never give up and...

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The Complete Sayings Of Jesus

The Complete Sayings of Jesus The Complete Sayings of Jesus the King James Version of Christ’s Own Words Without Interpolations and Divested of the Context, Excepting the Brief Portions of the Gospel Narratives Retained to Establish the Place, Time, or Occasion, or a Question the Reply to Which is the Master’s...

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Mary (Poem)

Mary (Poem) This article covers the life of Mary, (Mother of Jesus) as a poem. Mary was a 1st-century BC Galilean Jewish woman of Nazareth, and the mother of Jesus, according to the New Testament and the Quran. Mary Hannah, the grandmother of Jesus, the mother of Mary, the wife of Aaron, the mother-in-law of Zachariah, the daughter...

Mary outside St. Nikolai Catholic Church in Ystad 2021


Mediatrix In Catholic Mariology, the title Mediatrix refers to the intercessory role of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a mediator in the salvific redemption by her son Jesus Christ and that he bestows graces through her. Mediatrix is an ancient title that has been used by many saints since at least the 5th century. Its use grew...

Coronation of the Virgin by Filippo Lippi, 1441

Queen Of Heaven

Queen Of Heaven Queen of Heaven (Regina Caeli) is a title given to the Virgin Mary, by Christians mainly of the Catholic Church and, to a lesser extent, in Anglicanism, Lutheranism, and Eastern Orthodoxy. The Catholic teaching on this subject is expressed in the papal encyclical Ad Caeli Reginam, issued by Pope Pius XII in 1954. It states that Mary...

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The World Wide Messianic Mission Attributed To Jesus Christ

The World Wide Messianic Mission Attributed To Jesus Christ Toward The End of Time This article covers The World Wide Messianic Mission Attributed To Jesus Christ. Some of the first converts to Islam were subjected to the severest persecutions in Makka. They bore them patiently and never thought of retaliation,...

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Luqman The Wise Luqman (لقمان, Luqmān; also known as Luqman the Wise or Luqman al-Hakeem) was a wise man after whom Surah Luqman, the 31st sura (chapter) of the Quran, was named. Luqman (c. 1100 BC) is believed to have been from Nubia or from Egypt. There are many stories about Luqman in Persian, Arabic and Turkish literature, with the primary historical sources for his life being Tafsir...

Elijah in the wilderness, by Washington Allston

Elijah In Islam

Elijah In Islam This article covers the prophet of the Israelites, Elijah, in Islam. Ilyas (Ilyās, إلياس) was a prophet and messenger of God (Allah) who was sent to guide the Children of Israel. He was given the prophetic mission to prevent people from worshipping idols. Ilyas is the prophetic predecessor to Alyasa. Some Islamic scholars...

The shrine of Shuayb, as believed by the Druze and some Muslims, near Hittin in the Galilee

Prophet Shuaib

Prophet Shuaib Prophet Shuaib (Shoaib, Shuayb or Shuʿayb, شعيب, “who shows the right path”) is an ancient Midianite Nabi (Prophet) in Islam and the most revered prophet in the Druze faith. Shuayb is traditionally identified with the Biblical Jethro, Moses‘ father-in-law. Prophet Shuaib has mentioned in the Quran a total of 11 times. He is believed to have lived after Ibrahim (Abraham),...

Elisha the prophet

Elisha In Islam

Elisha In Islam Alyasa (اليسع, Alyasā’: Elisha in Islam) is a prophet and messenger of God (Allah) who was sent to guide the Children of Israel. In the Quran, Alyasa is mentioned twice as a prophet and is mentioned both times alongside fellow prophets. He is honored by Muslims as the prophetic successor to Ilyas (Elijah). Islamic sources that...

A 14th-century shrine built on top of the supposed grave of Aaron on Jabal Hārūn in Petra, Jordan.

Aaron In Islam

Aaron In Islam This article covers the prophet Aaron in Islam, who is called Harun. In Islam, Hārūn ibn ʿImrān (هارون ابن عمران, lit. ‘Aaron, son of Amram’), is a prophet and messenger of God (Allah), and the older brother of the prophet Musa (Moses). He along with his brother preached to the Israelites during the Exodus. Quranic account The...

The four primary prophets of Manichaeism in the Manichaean Diagram of the Universe, from left to right: Mani, Zoroaster, Buddha and Jesus. — Stated in Zsuzsanna Gulácsi’s Mani’s Pictures: The Didactic Images of the Manichaeans from Sasanian Mesopotamia to Uygur Central Asia and Tang-Ming China, p. 368.


Mani (prophet) Mani (Māni, مانی: Māni, 摩尼: Móní, Mānī, Μάνης, Manes, Μανιχαῖος, Manichaeus, Mānī ḥayyā “Living Mani”, c. April AD 216–2 March AD 274 or 26 February AD 277) was an Iranian prophet and the founder of Manichaeism, a religion of late antiquity strongly influenced by Gnosticism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism, which was once widespread but is no longer prevalent by name. Mani was...

Rembrandt van Rijn, Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, c. 1630


Who Is Jeremiah? Prophet Jeremiah (c. 650 – c. 570 BC), also called the “weeping prophet“, was one of the major prophets of the Hebrew Bible. According to Jewish tradition, Jeremiah authored the Book of Jeremiah, the Books of Kings, and the Book of Lamentations, with the assistance and under the editorship of Baruch ben Neriah, his scribe and disciple. In addition...

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Prophethood What is it? What does it mean for people? Did all the prophets appear in the Arabian Peninsula? Were there any people among whom a prophet was not raised? If so, can those to whom prophets were not sent be held responsible for their beliefs and actions? Prophethood is...

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What Is A Prophet?

What Is A Prophet? A prophet (from the Greek word προφήτης, meaning one who “utters forth”) is a person who is believed to speak for God (or the gods), with the purpose of delivering a divinely inspired message. A prophet often operates through means of recitation, divination, or channeling, and the process of receiving a message from the...

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Prophecy, Prophet, And Prophetess

Prophecy, Prophet, And Prophetess This article covers prophecy, prophet, and prophetess in the Catholic Church. In the Old Testament Introduction Yahweh had forbidden Israel all kinds of oracles in vogue among the pagans. If, for a time, he consented to reply by Urim and Thummim (apparently a species of sacred lots which the high-priest carried in the cincture of his ephod,...

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Second Migration To Abyssinia

Second Migration To Abyssinia Following the migration and return of the most Sahabas from the first migration to Abyssinia (Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas and some did not return but left Abyssinia by sea for preaching overseas to East Asia), the Muslims continued to suffer Persecution by the Meccans. This time, in 6 BH (615 CE) almost...

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Who Is Muhammad?

Who Is Muhammad? Muhammad (محمد, also Arabic transliterated Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammed, and Mahomet), is the founder of Islam — the world’s second-largest religion. According to traditional Muslim biographers, Muhammad was born c. 570 C.E. in Mecca (Makkah) and died June 8, 632 in Medina (Madinah). Both Mecca and Medina are cities in the Hejaz region of...

A depiction in stained glass: "thy mother Mary fled into Egypt"

The Virgin Birth: Birth of Jesus Without A Biological Father

The Virgin Birth: Birth of Jesus Without A Biological Father There is consensus among the great majority of Christians and Muslims that Jesus came to earth by means of a virgin birth. And the virgin birth of Jesus was a miracle. Human development begins at fertilization when a male gamete...

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The Miracles Of Jesus

The Miracles Of Jesus Addressing human intelligence and will, the Quran frequently mentions many miracles performed by prophets. While it would not be possible to mention them all in one article, I would like to relate some of them in order to give an idea about some of these miracles,...