Thanks for the Past and Blessing on the New Year

New Year is the time or day at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count increments by one. Many cultures celebrate the event in some manner and the 1st day of January is often marked as a national holiday.

Another New Year

Another new year.. another new beginning.. Thank you, Lord, for new beginnings..

We’ve had a wonderful year.. and we thank our Lord for everything He has so graciously bestowed upon us. Our health, provision of our needs..a church family whom we love to minister to… How can we not be thankful for another whole year when we realize that it’s by His mercies which are new every day…. and His faithfulness which is sooooo great!!!! Thank you, Lord for everything.. How we praise You!!!

I thank the Lord for a wonderful family and our extended families and ask God’s continued blessing upon us… Thank you, Lord!

God bless thy year,

Thy coming in, thy going out,
Thy rest, thy travelling about,
The rough, the smooth,
The bright, the dear;
God bless thy year.

We Begin

God, we begin a new year well fed and warmly clothed, among friends, and with more things than we need to keep us healthy and happy. We are the lucky ones. We pray for others who are not so fortunate and, more important, we want to work for them. Help show us the way to make our community, our country, and our world a place where all people enjoy good food and shelter, good friendships and peace–where all people have a fair share of the things they need to be healthy and happy and truly alive. Amen

New Year Prayer

Dear Lord,

At the beginning of a new year we give You thanks for all the blessings we enjoy, among which are: clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, a warm place to stay, good food to eat, the blessing of communication with others we love – phones and e-mail and a host of other things that may be used to Your glory. We thank You for family and friends, those who stand by us, correct us, listen to us, cheer us, protect us, push us to be our best, defend us, and still love us… and vice-versa. We are blessed beyond our powers to thank You, but not beyond living out our gratitude. Help us to be grateful in our life here on this planet, for life is brief, a tale quickly told. Life flies like a weaver’s shuttle, a moment and it is gone. Help us at the beginning of this year to begin again a life of gratitude. May we be overwhelmed with gratitude so that we may not be overwhelmed with hatred or despair. Call us to count our blessings, to remember our heritage, to smile and laugh and reach out to others. Keep us focused in our gratitude. And, again, we will be grateful.

Be near to those who need you today. Be close to those whose homes are threatened. Touch those whose lives have taken a radical turn. Free those who are caught by alcohol and drug dependencies. Ease the pains of those sick this day. Be near the saints who prepare for their journey home. Bless our family in this year and help us to open our doors, open our heart to others who need you as much as we do. Hear our words spoken in sound or silence, and hear these words we offer to You…..

New Year Prayer

Beloved Lord ! You had, with infinite patience,
in your endless mercy, led us through a busy year,
giving certainly more than what we asked for,
and often even more than what we, perhaps, deserved.

We prostrate to You in humble reverence,
really aghast at Your endless grace,
under which alone we could live all through the last year,
a fairly noble and moral life of service and satisfaction.

Lord ! with your help, may we live a nobler life of
greater undertakings in your seva, all through the coming year.

Let duty become touched with beauty,
all our obligations may, in Your blessing, be turned
magically into opportunities. Teach us to fulfill our
duties with joy, nay, with pleasure.

May we bow down to others’ needs.
Let our ears be tuned to hear with love and concern the
silent cry of the needy.

Let us learn to accept kindness with humble joy.
Let us, during this year, learn to heal ourselves
of all our bleeding ulcers of misunderstanding,
jealousy and regrets that erupt from time to time in
our own hearts.

As this year ends, and the fresh year is being
welcomed, let peace and goodwill burst in our heart.

We shall sincerely strive, all through the year,
to serve your creatures,
but it is only in Your grace shall they feel blessed,
by your splendour divine.

-Swami Chinmayananda

A New Year’s Day Dinner Prayer

Lord of All,
We give you thanks
and for the abundant blessings
you have given us
in the previous year.
We ask your blessing upon this food,
and upon our friends and family.
as we enter this new year.
We pray that in your mercy,
you would make this a great year,
and give us the grace
to seek your will in all things.
We pray in Jesus name, Amen.
— David Bennett

For New Year’s Day and Starting a New Year

We give you thanks
for the arrival of this new year.
You make all things new
through your Son, Jesus Christ.
During this new year,
give us the grace and courage,
to follow him
with all of our hearts and minds,
and to love you
and our neighbors more perfectly.
Through the same Christ our Lord, Amen.
— David Bennett

New Year’s Prayer

Thank you Lord for giving me
The brand new year ahead
Help me live the way I should
As each new day I tread.

Give me gentle wisdom
That I might help a friend
Give me strength and courage
So a shoulder I might lend.

The year ahead is empty
Help me fill it with good things
Each new day filled with joy
And the happiness it brings.

Please give the leaders of our world
A courage born of peace
That they might lead us gently
And all the fighting cease.

Please give to all upon this earth
A heart that’s filled with love
A gentle happy way to live
With Your blessings from above.

by Charlotte Anselmo

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