Trundholm sun chariot pictured, Nordic Bronze Age, c. 1600 BC

Proto-Indo-European Mythology

Proto-Indo-European Mythology Proto-Indo-European mythology is the body of myths and deities associated with the Proto-Indo-Europeans, the hypothetical speakers of the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language. Although the mythological motifs are not directly attested, since Proto-Indo-European-speakers lived In pre-literate societies, they have been reconstructed by scholars of comparative mythology from inherited similarities among Indo-European languages, which...

Rome Pantheon Italy Architecture Monument


Pantheon A pantheon (literally “(a temple) of all gods”, “of or common to all gods”) is the particular set of all gods of any polytheistic religion, mythology, or tradition. Significance A pantheon of gods is a common element of polytheistic societies, although not all polytheists have such a pantheon, and not...

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