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Karama (Wonder)

Karama (Wonder) Before explaining karama, since there is a close resemblance between it and miracles (mu‘jiza) in respect to their occurrence, we will first briefly examine miracles. Derived from the root verb A-Ja-Za, meaning “that which people cannot imitate,” a mu’jiza (miracle) is the extraordinary state, event, word or attitude...


What Is Karamat? Main Article: Karama (Wonder) In Sunni Islam, karamat (کرامات‎ karāmāt, pl. of کرامة karāmah, lit. generosity, high-mindedness[1]) refers to supernatural wonders performed by Muslim saints. In the technical vocabulary of Islamic religious sciences, the singular form karama has a sense similar to charism, a favor or spiritual gift freely bestowed by God.[2] The marvels ascribed to Muslim...

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