Quran Has Originated in Greatest Name of God
And Greatest Level of Every Name

If you want to have some understanding of how the Quran has originated in the Greatest Name of God and in the greatest level of every Name, consider the universal, sublime statements of Ayat al-Kursi and the following verses:

With Him are the keys of the Unseen. (6:59)

O God, Owner of sovereignty. (3:26)

He covers the day with the right, each pursuing the other urgently. (7:54)

Earth, swallow your water; and heaven abated! (11:44)

The seven heavens and the earth, and all within them extol Him. (17:44)

Your creation and your upraising are as but as a single soul. (31:28)

We offered the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains. (33:72)

On the day when We shall roll up heaven as a scroll is rolled for books. (21:104)

They measure not God as is due to Him. The earth altogether shall be His handful on the Day of Resurrection. (39:67)

If We had sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would indeed have seen it humbled, split asunder out of the fear of God. (59:21)

Ayat al-Kursi and meaning

Ayat al-Kursi and meaning

Also, reflect upon the initial verses of the suras beginning with al-hamdu lillah (All praise be to God), or Tusabbihu (glorifies Him), and have some grasp of this significant fact. Further, look at the openings of the suras beginning with Alif Lam Mim, Alif Lam Ra and Ha Mim, and understand the Qur’an’s importance in the sight of God Almighty.

The Glorious Quran

The Glorious Quran

If you have understood why the Qur’an is superior to other Divine Scriptures and all other speeches and writings and what the Qur’an has originated in the Greatest Name of God and the greatest level of manifestation of every Name, you can understand that Revelation mostly came to the Prophets by means of an angel, and inspiration is mostly without mediation. You will also be able to understand why even the greatest of saints cannot attain to the level of any Prophet. You can also understand the Qur’an’s grandeur and its sacred glory and honor and the source of its sublime miraculousness. So also you will be able to understand why the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, was honored with Ascension, why he ascended to the heavens, to the furthest Lote-tree,1 to the distance of only two bows’ length,2 offered supplications to the All-Majestic One, Who is closer to man than his jugular vein, and in the twinkling of an eye returned whence he came. Indeed, just as the splitting of the moon was a miracle of Messengership whereby he demonstrated his Prophethood to the jinn and mankind, so too, the Ascension was a miracle of his worship and servanthood to God whereby he demonstrated to the spirits and angels that he is the Beloved of God.

O God, bestow blessings and peace upon him and his family as befits Your Mercy and his dignity.

By Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

1. The furthest Lote-tree signifies the furthest limit to which a mortal, however great he is, can reach.

2. The distance of two bows’ length signifies the nearness the Prophet Muhammad attained in the Ascension to the Almighty, which is unattainable by another mortal than him.

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