Punishment varies according to the one committed the crime

The punishment for breaching a trust is proportional to the significance of the trust and its true owner. The punishment given to a child who has broken the window of an ordinary building is not like that of the aide-de-camp of a king who has lost or broken the crown of the king.

If, again, a private and an army commander spent the capital that was given to each according to his rank on petty things and wasted it away, the commander would certainly be tried at a court-martial and sentenced to a much greater punishment than the private. Likewise, if a scientist responsible for carrying out scientific investigations behaved like a shepherd and spent the resources assigned to his investigations on trifling things, certainly he would not be treated the same as a shepherd who spent resources assigned to him for feeding sheep to meet his own needs.

Animals spend the capital of life assigned for them in the world without any misuse or waste; they fulfill whatever they must: some carry burdens, some give milk and meat, and still some others produce things like honey or silk for the use of human beings. It is only man that may spend whatever is given to him in either the right or the wrong way. So, despite being the most honored of beings endowed with many faculties like conscience, intellect, consciousness, memory, and powers of thinking and reasoning, as well as with numerous inner and outer senses and feelings, if man wastes all these faculties, senses and feelings, he will certainly deserve a severe punishment. Particularly, if he lets his evil-commanding self dominate over his heart, which must overflow with knowledge and love of the Creator, he will undoubtedly be reduced to being a kind of fuel for Hell whose fuel is of men and stones.

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