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Wisdom is realizing there is a gift or a lesson in everything that life brings . . . therefore every experience can help us grow and become wiser

Wisdom is also about honoring people and caring about their rights and it is reflected in the courtesy with which we treat others. We hope these quotes have been inspirational for you.

Here is our collection of quotes in different topics. We hope you enjoy our collection of motivational, wise, and humorous quotessayings, and proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.

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“Live fearlessly”
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May these quotes from around the world inspire you to never give up and keep working towards your goals. Who knows—success could be just around the corner.


Quotes By Topics

Advices – Addiction to Comfort – African American – Altruism – Anger – ArtAtheismAwarenessBalance Between Physicality And Spirituality – Belief & Faith – BenevolenceBlack History MonthBringing Up The Young – Change – Charity – Character – Charity – ChildrenChristianityChristmasCivilizationClarity About Aims And Means – Compassion – ConscienceConsciousnessConsultation – Contemplation – Courage – Creativity & Innovation – Culture – Custom & Convention – Death & Dying – Dignity – Diversity – Dreams – Education – Ego – Envy & Jealousy – Failure – Fate & Destiny – Forgiveness – Friendship – Funny – Generosity – God – Good Character and MoralityGratitude – Greed – HanukkahHappiness – Hell – Honesty & Integrity – Human BeingsHumanityHumilityIdeal People – Inspirational – Keeping SecretsKeys to Christian Living – Kindness – Liberty & Freedom – Life – Life, Human Character, and Virtue – LoveManMarriage And The Home – Meaning of Life – Media – Merry Christmas – Modesty – Morality – MoralsMotivational and Inspirational – Motivational – NationNew Year – Pluralism – PoliticsPovertyProgressPrudenceRacismRepublicRespect For Thought – Romantic Love – Sadness – Science – Self-awareness – Success – TeamworkThankfulnessThanksgiving – The Republic – The Rights of ChildrenThe Rights of ParentsTolerance and LiberalityToleranceValentine’s Day Messages and WishesValentines Day – Values – Wealth – What We Expect of Science – Will & Determination – Virtue – Wisdom – Wisdom & Knowledge – Witty – Work –

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