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We have collected some samples of the Pearls of Wisdom from notable figures. Have fun and share them.  If you have your own to share with us, please send us so we can publish them.

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We have put the best quotes from famous authors and well-known figures. Enjoy reading these insights and feel free to share this page on your social media to inspire others.

May these quotes from around the world inspire you to never give up and keep working towards your goals. Who knows—success could be just around the corner.


Quotes By Authors

Abraham Lincoln – Aesop – Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein’s From His Official Web Site – Alice Walker – Anne Frank – Anthony Robbins – Aristotle – Arthur Schopenhauer – Ayn Rand – B. Said Nursi – Barack Obama – Benjamin Franklin – Bill Gates – Black Elk – Bruce LeeBuddha – C. S. Lewis – Carl SaganCarl SandburgConfuciusConfucius from The AnalectsDag HammarskjoldDalai Lama – Dale Carnegie – Douglas AdamsDr. SeussEdgar Allan Poe – Eleanor Roosevelt – Elie Wiesel – Elizabeth Taylor – Epicurus– Ernest Hemingway – Errol Flynn – F. Scott Fitzgerald – Francesco Guicciardini – Francis Bacon – Francois duc de La Rochefoucauld – Frank Carson – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Friedrich Nietzsche – Galileo GalileoGautama Buddha – George Bernard Shaw – George S. Patton George Washington – Groucho Marx – Hazrati Ali – Helen Keller – Henry Ford – Hunter S. Thompson – Isaac Asimov – James Baldwin – Jerry Lewis – JesusJesus Christ – About Jesus Christ – Jim Morrison – Jimi Hendrix – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – John F. Kennedy – John Lennon – John Maxwell – Joseph S. Benner – Julius Caesar – Khalil GibranKobe Bryant – Kurt Cobain – Lao Tzu – Laozi – Leo Tolstoy – Leonardo da Vinci – M. Fethullah Gulen – Mae West – Mahatma Gandhi – Malcolm X – Marcus Aurelius – Marilyn Monroe – Mark TwainMark Twain Quotations – Mary, Mother of Jesus – Martin Luther King, Jr.Maya Angelou – Michael Jordan – Mitch Albom – Mohandas GandhiMosesMother TeresaMuhammadMuhammad Ali – Napoleon Bonaparte – Napoleon Hill – Nelson Mandela – Niccolo Machiavelli – Octavio PazOprah Winfrey – Oscar Wilde – Plato – Pope John Paul II – Prophet MuhammadRabindranath Tagore – Ralph Waldo Emerson – Robert Frost – Ronald Reagan – Rosa Parks – Rumi – Seth Godin – Sigmund Freud – Socrates – Solomon, The Wise – Sun Tzu – Theodore Roosevelt – Thomas A. Edison – Thomas Fuller – Thomas Jefferson – Toni Morrison – Tony Robbins – Tupac Shakur – Victor Hugo – Vince Lombardi – Virginia WoolfVoltaire – Walt Disney – Warren Buffett – Wayne Dyer – Will Rogers – William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare with SubjectsWinston Churchill – Yogi Berra – Zig Ziglar

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