Look At Your Outer World See Your Soul

Observation and experience indicate the eternity of the spirit, and once the permanence of the individual spirit has been established in the afterlife, it confirms the perpetuation of the souls of the dead. It has been logically established that any essential aspect observed in an individual is unquestionably common to the whole species. All individuals share qualities originating in the essence. The permanent existence of the souls of the dead, as based on observation and countless experiences in dreams and other kinds of communication, should be as certain to us as the existence of any continent, the actual existence of which we are sure of although we have not been to it. That they have some kind of relationship with us is certain, our prayers reach them, and in return we receive their blessing. Moreover, it can be perceived that an essential aspect of man continues to exist after his death, and this aspect is his spirit.yoga

The spirit is a simple unitary entity not subject to disintegration or decomposition like composite material things. As we explained above, life ensures a form of unity within multiplicity; it causes a sort of permanence. That is to say, unity and permanence are essential to the spirit, from which they spread to multiplicity.

The mortality of man’s spirit would be either through decomposition and disintegration, which is impossible because of its simple and unitary essence, or through annihilation, which is contrary to the infinite mercy of the Absolutely All-Generous One. The boundless munificence of the All-Generous One would not allow that He should take back from the human spirit the blessing of existence, which He has bestowed, on it, which it ardently desires, and of which it is worthy.