Look At To Your Inner World And See Your Soul

If anyone looks carefully into his own life and his inner aspect, he will discern the existence of an eternal spirit. Every person changes his body each year, in other words, the body is completely renewed every year, but his spirit remains unchanged.

The body is ephemeral but the spirit that inhabits it is permanent, and the formation or deformation of the molecules of the body, or the composition and decomposition of the body itself does not have any effect upon the spirit. The spirit changes or renews the garment of its body each year during its earthly life, and when it strips off this garment at the time of death, this will not affect the permanence of the spirit, nor will it spoil its essential nature because, as established through intuition and observation, the body subsists through the spirit, not the spirit through the body. We can even say that the body, rather than being the cover of the spirit, is its dwelling place. The spirit possesses a subtle cover, which can be called its energetic envelope. At the time of death, the spirit is not completely naked; rather, it leaves its dwelling place and is dressed in its cover.