Scientists restrict the concept of life to the conditions that obtain on or beneath Earth’s outer surface. Therefore, when they look for extraterrestrial life, they look for conditions that are the same as or closely correspond to the conditions for life on Earth. If they had retained a sufficient sense of the absolute wonder of life (an aspect of life’s being a direct manifestation of the Ever-Living), they should not have ruled out forms and conditions of life currently beyond their understanding. In their view, the arguments put forward by Said Nursi for the existence of angels and other spirit beings may not be worthy of consideration. However, the latest discoveries in deep-sea biology may persuade them to review his arguments.



  • Angels are created from pure light
  • Classes of angels
  • Angels carry out whatever God commands them
  • Angels have no sexes and they have no evil-commanding selves
  • Angels have different kinds
  • Angels move very rapidly and permeate all realms of existence
  • The appearance of the Angel(s) of Death to the dying person
  • How the Holy Book describes angels?

freewillIs there a devil? Many people talk about the devil and Satan. Others scoff and say it's just superstition and imagination. But is there a devil? Did God create devil? If so, what is the wisdom of Satan's creation?

Satan was created for important purposes. For, first of all, had it not been for Satan who continually tries to seduce man, the creation of man would have been meaningless and futile.


There are many worlds, among them those of plants, animals, people, and jinn. Our visible, material world addresses itself to our senses, and is the realm where God Almighty gives life, fashions, renews, changes, and causes things to die. Science concerns itself with its phenomena.

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