Manifest Record and the Manifest Book

A single seed displays Destiny is two ways: one by demonstrating "the Manifest Record", the other by displaying "the Manifest Book". The Manifest Record is, as was pointed out above, another title for Divine Knowledge and Command, comprehensive of the universe both as a whole and with all its parts, big or small, and all the events in it. As everybody knows, the seed of a plant is also its 'memory'.

That is, a plant, which grows from a seed also results in multiple seeds, in which the entire life-history of the plant have been recorded so that they can grow into new plants, which are almost identical with the original because plants do not have conscious spirits endowed with free will. Thus, besides demonstrating the Manifest Record and therefore Divine Destiny and Knowledge in which everything is present or exists with all its individualized particularities, a seed also indicates "the Supreme Preserved Tablet" and corresponds to human memory in the human kingdom. By the way, since it indicates that the life histories of creatures are recorded, a seed also points to afterlife.

The Manifest Book is another title for Divine Will and God's creational and operational laws of the universe. If we call the Manifest Record Destiny Formal or Theoretical, the Manifest Book can be referred to as Destiny Actual. The future full-grown form of a plant or an animal being, which displays all the content of the seed or fertilized ovum, can be understood as its Destiny Actual.

In short, like seeds or plants or fertilized ovum and animal beings, everything in the universe clearly points to Divine Destiny, determining, judging, giving measure, particularizing and individualizing. True dreams, which bring news of certain future events, are another, undeniable indication of Destiny or Divine 'pre-determination'.

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