The Spiritual Life

The purpose of our creation is obvious: to reach our utmost goals of belief, knowledge, and spirituality; to reflect on the universe, humanity, and God, and thus prove our value as human beings.

  • We are here to support your growing understanding of life’s basic questions such as who am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going to? What is its true nature and purpose of life? Is there Life after death? How can I attain deeper levels of wellness and spiritual wisdom? How can I achieve successful relationships and a fulfilling, prosperous life?
  • We can attain meaningful life with living well balanced and fulfilled spiritual life.
  • Spiritual Life means directing man to the purpose of his creation. Through awareness of the ultimate purpose of this worldly existence, a man can be freed from bodily pressures and realize a journey into his very essence.
  • Spirituality is about orientation. For a truly spiritual life, all we need is: constructive and responsible orientation toward our obligations; good will and loving intentions toward our fellows; and faith in God; and faith in ourselves.
  • We are very grateful that your journey has brought you in touch with us and we believe that we have been brought together by Divine Appointment.
  • The Spiritual Life is an interfaith web based community that celebrates (honors) the many paths to God. We are dedicated to teaching and expressing a positive and practical approach to life. Our beliefs are in harmony with the basic tenets of the world’s religions and spiritual traditions that teach love. As a loving, and supportive spiritual community we encourage each person to pray regularly, think clearly, feel openly and love expansively.

May you continue to be blessed on your journey of faith and discovery.

The Spiritual Life
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