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Famous Prayers

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Title Author Hits
Pope John Paul Ii\'s Prayers Spiritual Life 583
Samples From Prophet Muhammad\'s Prayers Spiritual Life 574
Arabic Prayers Of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi Spiritual Life 566
Prophet Noah\'s Prayers Spiritual Life 535
Abrahanlincoln\'s Prayer Spiritual Life 529
Irish Prayer For A Sick Brother Spiritual Life 504
Martin Luther King Jr.\' Prayers Spiritual Life 495
Prayers From Old Testament Spiritual Life 486
Mathatma Gandhi\'s Prayer Spiritual Life 446
Native American Prayers Spiritual Life 446
Prayers From Old Testament-2 Spiritual Life 439
A Prayer Of A Physician Spiritual Life 414
Mother Teresa\'s Prayer Spiritual Life 406
A Police Officer\'s Prayer Spiritual Life 401
A Prayer From The Shinto Religion Spiritual Life 381

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