Language and Thought

Language is one of the fundamental dynamics in the compo­sition of a culture. The power of a nation is directly pro­portional to the power and richness of its language and thought. A perfect command of language and the ability to engage easily in dialogue with others protect a person from outside influ­ence. Language is an important tool for humankind in our efforts to better understand the cosmos and events both holistically and analytically. From every aspect, language plays a defining role in the formation of our culture.

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The Power of Literature

In the most general sense, literature is a discipline that studies elegant, measured, and harmonious words uttered or written in verse or prose in a form that is congruent with the condi­tions of time and usually in compliance with the rules of the lan­guage. The Arabic word for literature is adab, which has a wider frame of connotation associated with good manners, gentleness, el­egance, refinement, and perfection. Continue reading “The Power of Literature”

Speech and Power of Expression

Divine Knowledge has designed the scheme of existence, while His Speech has drawn its architecture.1 After emerg­ing as twins in the most intimate sanctuary of the un­changing essence (ayan al-thabitah), creation and Speech took on physical forms. In creating humankind, the Most Merciful gave us the ability to speak of the human essence, our inner depths, the en­tire cosmos, and the truth beyond material existence before sending us to the dimension of external existence. Continue reading “Speech and Power of Expression”