Message on the Terrorist Attacks on the USA

No matter who perpetrates it and where it comes from, any terrorist act is a great blow against peace, welfare, and prosperity. No matter for what reasons and purposes it is committed, no terrorist act can ever be condoned at all. Terror cannot be a means of gaining freedom or independence. Terror takes so many innocent lives and victimizes so many innocent people. In addition, we know that such atrocities only rebound against the interests of those whom the terrorists claim to defend, as we witnessed in the last half of the 20th century.

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Creation began with a syllable of speech made up of two letters, namely “Be”. The roads leading from unity to multiplicity, from single to plural, appeared with speech and were illuminated with words, which are parts of speech. Before speech resounded in their hearts, man was in no way different from animals and animals were not different from rocks or earth. Continue reading “Speech”

The Necessity of Reflection and Self-Criticism

Our first and foremost duty is to discover ourselves and then turn toward God through the illuminated prism of our nature. People who remain unaware of their true nature, and who therefore cannot establish any contact with their Creator, spend their lives like coolies who are ignorant of the treasure they are carrying on their backs.
Those who want to reform the world must first reform themselves. If they want to lead others to a better world, they must purify their inner worlds of hatred, rancor, and jealousy, and adorn their outer worlds with virtue [through reflection and self-criticism, among other practices].

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The World and its Contents from the PERSPECTIVE OF A BELIEVER

This world is a wonderful vessel for humankind, floating in this vast universe, the place that we exist and feel our existence. It is also a warm dwelling, surrounded by magnificent animate and inanimate ornaments, a library that contains millions and billions of books written in many different languages, in which we know our Creator. Continue reading “The World and its Contents from the PERSPECTIVE OF A BELIEVER”

A Movement Originating Its Own Models

In this article I would like to discuss a legend; to talk about it is a duty, and therefore it is difficult to put it into words. However, I wonder if it is possible to describe in the scope of such an article an important resurrectional movement, a movement that has thrived in every part of the world, budding, giving off shoots and seedlings. I think not. What I know about the issue comes only from the videos I have seen. Continue reading “A Movement Originating Its Own Models”