Trustworthiness by Aisha Stacey

In the article entitled Honesty, we discussed how important the concept of honesty is to Islam and how it incorporates truthfulness and reliability. Another dimension of honesty is trustworthiness, or in Arabic, amanah. The meaning of amanah is trustworthiness, or, it is something or someone left to someone to protect or keep. The opposite of amanah is betrayal or even treason. That is, to failto keep the trust or amanah in the way the person who left it expected or wanted. Continue reading “Trustworthiness by Aisha Stacey”


The second attribute of Prophethood is amana, an Arabic word meaning trustworthiness and derived from the same root as mu’min (believer). Being a believer implies being a trustworthy person. All Prophets were the best believers and therefore perfect exemplars of trustworthiness. Continue reading “Trustworthiness”