Love, POW

Love is one of the most subtle blessings that the Most Merciful One has bestowed upon humanity. It exists in everyone as a seed. This seed germinates under favorable circumstances and, growing like a tree, blossoms into a flower, and finally ripens, like a fruit, to unite the beginning with the end.

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Love versus Fear; Which One?

Love is the reason for the creation of the universe. It is also the bond between all things, and the light of existence and its life. Since man is the most comprehensive fruit of existence, a love so overflowing as to invade the whole universe has been included in the heart of that fruit, which is its seed or core. One who deserves such an infinite love may therefore only be one with infinite perfection. Continue reading “Love versus Fear; Which One?”

Love by Stanford

This essay focuses on personal love, or the love of particular persons as such. Part of the philosophical task in understanding personal love is to distinguish the various kinds of personal love. For example, the way in which I love my wife is seemingly very different from the way I love my mother, my child, and my friend. Continue reading “Love by Stanford”

Can Love be Transformed into True Love

Yes, if a lover with metaphorical love for the transitory face of the world sees the ugliness of the decline and transience on that face and turns away from it. If he searches for an immortal beloved and is successful in seeing the world’s other two most beautiful faces, that of mirror to the Divine Names and the tillage of the hereafter, his illicit metaphorical love then starts to be transformed into true love. But on the one condition that he does not confuse with the outside world his own fleeting and unstable world, which is bound to his life. Continue reading “Can Love be Transformed into True Love”

Love of God

In these bleak and inauspicious days, when our hearts are over­whelmed with enmity, when our spirits are sickened, when hatred and antagonism are out of control, it is crystal clear that we need love and mercy as we need water or air. We seem to have forgotten love; what is more, compassion is a word rarely used. We have no mercy for each other, nor love for people. Continue reading “Love of God”

From Beauty to Divine Love

The universe is like a magnificent book adorned with em­broidered meanings page by page, line by line, and word by word. It is an exhibition ground of the divine art; it is a palace. All things and the totality of events of every kind in their en­chanting harmony, fascinating order, dazzling beauty, and their ar­rangement and richness more perfect than the best-tended gardens make you say, “There could not be anything more beautiful.” Continue reading “From Beauty to Divine Love”

Beauty and The Beatiful

Beauty elevates our hearts, awakens our souls with sweet ex­citement and appreciation, and then becomes the esthetic of our inner self. This hard-to-describe phenomenon, this sense that is present in our most joyous moments, is beauty. Though this definition might seem narrow, it is one interpretation. There have been many elaborate interpretations of the notion of beauty from the point of view of esthetics, so let us shift our focus here to the relation of beauty with existence, nature, and human be­ings, and even what is beyond nature. Continue reading “Beauty and The Beatiful”

Love for Humankind

Love is an elixir; a human lives with love, is made happy by love and makes those around him or her happy with love. In the vocabu­lary of humanity, love is life; we feel and sense each other with love. God Almighty has not created a stronger relation than love, this chain that binds humans one to another. In fact, the Earth is nothing but a ruin without love to keep it fresh and alive. Continue reading “Love for Humankind”