As humans, we have an innate sense of morality. No matter what religion, race or colour we are, certain qualities serve as the moral standard. We admire justice, bravery, honesty and compassion. We abhor those who demonstrate treachery, cruelty or corruption. Moral standards are universal, and one of the most important aspects of Islam is adherence to high moral standards and good manners. Continue reading “Generosity”

Divine support and ensuring its continuation

Question: God Almighty has graced us with a great deal of possibilities to serve humanity. What would you recommend so that this holy grace and benediction upon us shall not be stopped?

I think we all are aware that God has taken each of us—while we were wandering here and there—and made contact at a particular point with His holy grace and favor. This is an undeniable fact, and that we have existed under this blessing should be well comprehended. Continue reading “Divine support and ensuring its continuation”

Desire to Emulate, Envy, and Hastening to do Good As If Competing with One Another

How do we distinguish between the desire to emulate and envy? What are your thoughts regarding the charities and alms given away openly by some leading people in good work in order to inspire others and stimulate their feelings of generosity, while others cannot help but feel envy of their generosity? Continue reading “Desire to Emulate, Envy, and Hastening to do Good As If Competing with One Another”