Forgiving the Unforgivable

Mike and Kathie Clarey suffered the worst trauma any parent can endure. Their beloved 11-year-old daughter was brutally murdered. In the days that followed, the Clareys were numb with grief. Yet in the midst of their pain, they experienced God’s amazing grace. And while the suffering didn’t go away, it became a source of deep peace as Our Lord brought good out of evil.

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Forgiveness from Stanford

Forgiveness has over the past quarter century engendered the interest of scholars and practitioners in such disparate fields as psychology, law, politics, international affairs, sociology, and philosophy. This article is concerned with what philosophers have had to say about forgiveness within secular ethical frameworks and the Christian religious tradition. Continue reading “Forgiveness from Stanford”


Men and women are creatures with faults as well as exceptional qualities. No other living creature carries such inborn opposites. Only humanity has the qualities that allow its individuals to fly in the firmaments of Heaven or, by leaving the right path, fall into the bottom of the deepest pits. Continue reading “Forgiveness”