Women’s Rights

This is a very comprehensive subject. From one perspective it is open to debate. It’s very difficult to summarize my thoughts on this kind of platform. In one sense we don’t separate men and women. In another sense there are physical and psychological differences. Women and men should be the two sides of truth, like the two faces of a coin. Continue reading “Women’s Rights”


Women often have been used as objects of pleasure, means of entertainment, and material for advertising. However, until now all these unfortunate periods have been a starting point for women to become renewed and find their essence (like nights followed by days).

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The Heroine’s Journey: The Modern Woman’s Quest for Professional and Personal Fulfillment

According to Carl Jung’s theory of human development, the first half of life is devoted to differentiation and development of one’s individual ego, and the goal of the second half of life is integration and a movement toward wholeness, also known as individuation. Individuation is accomplished by developing the undeveloped side of one’s life. Continue reading “The Heroine’s Journey: The Modern Woman’s Quest for Professional and Personal Fulfillment”

Woman: A source of mercy

Woman: A source of mercyWoman was created a magnificent example of affection with respect to her inner faculties; affection is a part of her temperament and nature by creation. A woman of this pure nature—if not spoiled by mistaken interference—always thinks of affection, speaks of affection, sits and stands in affection, watches those around her in affection throughout her life, and offers glassfuls of affections to everybody. At the same time she suffers for them from within, due to her refinement and sincerity. She cares for everybody—her parents, siblings, friends, and all relatives—and, when the time comes, for her spouse and children. As she shares pleasure, delight, and joy, she blooms like a rose with sweet smiles for those around her. Upon seeing their grief and sorrow, she grows pale, withers, and groans with pain.

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