Why are Some People Created ”More Equal” Than Others?

God created each one of your cells, as well as those of all other animate and inanimate parts of creation, and gave us our human nature. He has given us everything; we have given Him nothing. So how can you complain or accuse Him of being unjust? Injustice comes from not giving what is due. But we are not “due” anything, for since we have given Him nothing it is impossible for Him to owe us anything.

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Republic means rule based on the people’s election and consultation. The first book to teach this principal fully is the Qur’an. Saying that republican rule is contrary to the Qur’an, if done without bad intentions, shows a lack of knowledge. Supporting the republic but refusing to see its source is just plain stubbornness.

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A nation’s development and progress depends upon the intellectual and spiritual training given to the people who live within its borders. A nation whose members are lacking in intellectual and spiritual development should not be expected to develop and progress.

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Politics is the art of managing a nation’s affairs in ways that please God and people. As long as a government protects people from evil and defends them from oppression, it can be considered successful in politics and full of promise. If a government does not do so, it can no longer remain in power, leaving behind turmoil amidst the sounds of cursing.

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Individuals who have sincerely resolved to be pillars of their nation never allow themselves to neglect even the smallest matter of concern to the nation, even though there may be times when they forget about their own problems.

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Ideal People

Those who strive to enlighten others, seek happiness for them, and extend a helping hand have such a developed and enlightened spirit that they are like guardian angels. They struggle with disasters befalling society, stand up to “storms,” hurry to put out “fire,” and are always on the alert for possible shocks.

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Human Beings

Each individual is equipped with sublime emotions, has a natural disposition toward virtue, and is fascinated with eternity. Even the most wretched-looking person has a rainbow-like atmosphere in his or her spirit comprised of the thought of eternity, love of beauty, and virtuous feeling. If people can develop these most basic, inherent elements of their being, they can rise to the highest ranks of humanity and attain eternity.

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