The Spiritual Significance Of Human Relationship

Many of my friends are indeed progressing. Sometimes this progress manifests, at least temporarily, as crisis. You know this as a principle, but it is easy to forget this spiritual law when you are submerged in crisis. Therefore, it is all the more important to remember there is deep significance in the crisis you experience. Your attempt to understand it at its depth will bring you liberation and joyous living all the more quickly, liberation and joy that is real and permanent.

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Spiritual Relationship

If there has been one over-riding passion in my life, it has been Relationship. I have always been fascinated by how people interact with each other, relate to each other, misunderstand each other, do stupid things to each other, and love each other. Why do so many relationships fail? Why is there so much conflict in families? Why do groups (tribes, political parties, factions, countries) war with each other?

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Marriage and the Home

The purpose of marriage is not pleasure; rather, it is to establish a family, ensure the nation’s permanency and continuation, save the individual from dispersed feelings and thoughts, and to control physical pleasures. Just as with many other matters related to the basic nature that God has given to each being, pleasure is a payment made in advance to invite and encourage to marriage.

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Man of Service

Man of service must, for the sake of the cause he has given his heart to, be resolved to cross over seas of filth. When he has attained his object, he must be so mature that he will attribute everything to its Rightful Owner, and be respectful and thankful to Him. His voice and each breath are spent in the glorification and magnifying of God, the Sublime Creator. He holds everyone in high regard and esteem. Continue reading “Man of Service”


Man is a being endowed with noble sentiments, capable of acquiring virtue and drawn to eternity. Even in an apparently most wretched person, there is some intimation of eternity, some love of beauty and impulses to virtue. If man can develop these most basic elements of his being, inherent in him, he can rise to the highest ranks of humanity and attain to eternity.

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For the heirs of today, consultation (shura) is a vital attribute and an essential rule, just as it was for the first heirs. According to the Qur’an, it is the clearest sign of a believing community and the most important characteristic of a congregation who have given their hearts to Islam. The importance of consultation is mentioned in the Qur’an to the same degree as salat (prescribed prayers) and infaq (giving to maintain the religion and people for the sake of God):

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