The Necessity of Ascent and Descent in the Male Spiritual Life

I’ve recently been reading a really phenomenal book by Richard Rohr and Joseph Martos, The Wild Man’s Journey: Reflections on Male Spirituality. One of the things that I have continually be thinking about is the distinction the authors make between ascent (which is common in the early stages of a man’s life and dangerous in the later stages), and descent (which is required in the later stages of a man’s life). Continue reading “The Necessity of Ascent and Descent in the Male Spiritual Life”

Men and the Spiritual Life

Men and the Spiritual LifeWhen it comes to the spiritual life, the simple fact is that men are afraid of it. Spirituality does not come naturally for males as it does for females. Women take to the spiritual life with an inherent zeal and understanding, neither of which most males seem to possess. To enter into the depths of spirituality is therefore strange, even frightening, to the average man. This apprehension involves three misunderstandings that strike men as contrary to their instincts and masculinity, and which keep them from practicing prayer and devotion to God.

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