Dreams; what are they?

Dreams usually comprise images that are somehow related to past or future circumstances, seen either clearly or symbolically, through windows opening onto the world of truth. So long as the mind is free from certain impressions and preconceptions, every dream, like a light or a signpost from the worlds beyond, may remove darkness and indicate a direction.

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A New Approach to Dream Interpretation

At some point in our spiritual life, we may wish to understand the process dream interpretation, which helps us to understand the meaning of our dreams and the symbols that may present themselves to us. At the present time on the Earth, our collective spiritual consciousness is awakening, which is opening some new possibilities for all aspects of our being including our dreams.

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DreamsWhile you sleep with your eyes closed, your ears deaf, your tongue mute, and your arms and legs motionless, how do you travel, meet people, and do many things in a few minutes or even seconds? When you get up in the morning, you feel deeply influenced by that few seconds of adventure. Although Freud and his followers attribute dreams to the subconscious self, to thoughts and desires, impulses and past experiences, how can you explain dreams that inform you of a future event with which you have no contact or have never thought about? How do we dream? With what part of our body or being do we dream? Why do dreams last only a few seconds? How (and why) do we remember what we dreamed? All of these and many similar questions are like puzzles awaiting to be solved by science.

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