Young Man

Young man,
Give some thought to the terrible maladies,
now a century old, that afflict this society

on every side. There is no remedy known
for such fainting hearts and feverish minds:

crowds in the street shouting for no reason;
people, become like fish in the aquarium,

Blundering anywhere in aimless confusion-
how should, how could, they perceive?

How in such chaos could community survive-
Its people blind, deaf, emotionally numbed,

Their streets running filth sewage canals,
their young licensed to indulge every wantonness;

chastity publicly disgraced, decency a tattered veil,
dishonesty the norm, and deception swaggering like a king-?

A maggot has burrowed into the fiber of community:
the spirit of society has scattered therefore, the people suffered

You, young man , are
the one whose courage can end this wretchedness,
the one for long years expected in visions and dreams…

See, where dawn is breaking’s stretch to your full height
now that a light is everywhere overwhelming darkness….

Do not pause with the water hose in your hand. But rush
to attack the flames in every place-for that is your duty.

let the darkness vanish, that the clear road may appear:
step forward and stand true to the cause of holy Trust.

You, young man, are the hero, the one for centuries awaited. Come now. 
Come now-for with us is left no power to resist.

Two sublime proofs of the affirmation of pine unity

In its entirety the universe is a supreme proof; it declares God’s glory and unity with both its manifest and its unseen tongues. Yes, it recites the unity of the Most Merciful in resounding voice, saying:


All its particles and cells, all its parts and members, are tongues mentioning God. Together they declare in that resounding voice:


The tongues are various, the voices of differing pitch, but they are united on one point: the mentioning of Him, saying:


It is the macroanthropos; it mentions God in high-sounding voice, while all its parts and particles join their tiny voices to its mighty voice. In unison they declare:


The world recites the Quran’s verses within its circle for God’s remembrance, the Quranic dawn spills forth its light. All beings with spirits express this idea:

THERE IS NO GOD BUT HE! The Glorious Criterion of Truth and Falsehood, articulate proof of Pine unity, all of whose verses are truthful tongues, all its rays are flashes of belief. All together they declare:


If you lay your ear on the breast of that Criterion, in its profoundest depths you will hear clearly a heavenly voice which recites:


Its voice is utterly exalted, utterly serious, truly sincere, most familiar; it is utterly convincing, decked out with proofs. Repeatedly it declares:


All six aspects are transparent in this enlightened proof: upon it is the shining stamp of miraculousness; in this shines the light of guidance, which says:


Yes, beneath it is interwoven logic and elegant proof; on its right is its questioning the intelligence; the mind affirms it on its every side, saying:


On its left is its calling on the conscience to testify; before it is pure good; its aim is happiness and prosperity. Its key is every instant:


Its support beyond it is heavenly: unadulterated Pine revelation. All these six aspects are luminous, manifested in its constellations,


Can any thieving suspicion, any stealthy doubt, any renegade delusion steal in on that resplendent castle with its walls of lofty Suras, every word of which is an angel uttering:


Two Tables were imparted to my Heart

About twenty-five years ago on Yûsha Tepesi (Mount Joshua) above the Istanbul Bosphorus, at a time I had decided to give up the world, a number of important friends came to me in order to call me back to the world and my former position. I told them to leave me till the following morning so that I could seek guidance. That morning the following two Tables were imparted to my heart. They resemble poetry, but they are not. I have not changed them for the sake of that blessed memory, and they have been kept as they occurred to me. Continue reading “Two Tables were imparted to my Heart”

The utterance of the stars

Then listen to the stars, listen to their harmonious address!
See what wisdom has emblazed on the decree of its light!

* * *

Altogether they start to speak with the tongue of truth,
They address the majesty of the All-Powerful One of Glory’s sovereignty:

* * *

We are each of us light-scattering proofs of the existence of our Maker;
We are witnesses both to His Unity and His Power;

* * *

We are subtle miracles gilding the face of the skies
For the angels to make excursions on;

* * *

We are the innumerable attentive eyes of the heavens
That watch the earth, that study Paradise;

* * *

We are the innumerable exquisite fruits that the hand of wisdom of the Beauteous One of Glory has fastened
To the celestial portion of the tree of creation, to all the branches of the Milky Way;

* * *

For the inhabitants of the heavens, we are each of us a traveling mosque, a spinning house, a lofty home,
Each is an illumining lamp, a mighty ship, an airplane;

* * *

We are each of us a miracle of power of the all-powerful One of Perfection, The All-Wise One of Glory;
Each a wonder of His creative art, a rarity of His wisdom, a marvel of His creation, a world of light;

* * *

We demonstrated to mankind innumerable proofs, we made them hear with these innumerable tongues of ours;
But their accursed unseeing, unbelieving eyes did not see our faces, they did not hear our words; and we are signs that speak the truth;

* * *

Our stamp is one; our seal is one; we are mastered by our Sustainer; We glorify Him through our subjugation;

We recite His Names; we are each of us in ecstasy, a member of the mighty circle of the Milky Way.

A fruit of the black mulberry

[The Old Said spoke this with the tongue of the New Said under the blessed mulberry tree.]

The one I’m addressing isn’t Ziya Pasha, it’s those enamored of Europe.
The one speaking isn’t my soul, it’s my heart in the name of the students of the Holy Book.

* * *

The previous words are all truth; beware, don’t lose course, don’t exceed their bounds!
Don’t heed the ideas of Europe and deviate, or they’ll make you regret it!

* * *

You see the most enlightened of them, in brilliance their standard-bearer,
Exclaim in bewilderment: Of whom, to whom can I complain?

* * *

The Holy Book says, and I say too — I won’t hold back:
I lodge my complaint with Him. I’m not confused, like you.

* * *

I cry out to the True God; I don’t slip away, like you.
I shout my cause from the ground to the skies; I don’t flee, like you.

* * *

For all the Holy Book’s cause is light upon light; I don’t renege, like you.
In the Holy Book is truth and wisdom; I’ll prove it. I count as nothing hostile philosophy.

* * *

In the Criterion are diamond truths; I take them to myself, not sell them, like you.
I journey from creation to Creator; I don’t lose the way, like you.

* * *

I pass over thorny paths, I don’t tread on them, like you.
From the earth to the Throne, I offer thanks; I don’t neglect it, like you.

* * *

I look on death and the appointed hour as a friend; I am not frightened, like you.
I’ll enter the grave smiling, not trembling, like you.

* * *

I don’t see it as a monster’s mouth, a beast’s lair, descending to nothingness, like you.
It joins me with my friends; I’m not vexed at the grave, like you.

* * *

It’s the door of Mercy, gate of Light, portal of Truth; I am not discomforted by it;
I won’t retreat.
Saying: In the Name of God, I’ll knock on it.6 I’ll not look behind me nor feel terror.

* * *

Saying: All praise be to God!, I’ll lay down and find ease. I’ll suffer no trouble nor remain solitary.
Saying, God is Most Great!, I’ll hear the Call to the Resurrection and rise up,
I won’t hang back from the Great Gathering, or the Mighty Mosque.

* * *

I’ll feel no distress, thanks to Pine favor, the Holy Book’s light, and the effulgence of belief;
Not stopping, I’ll hasten, fly, to the shade of the Most Merciful’s Throne.
God willing, I won’t go astray, like you.


For man this world is like a foreign land, a fearful ocean,
where he flounders a whole lifetime among waves of anxiety.
At every step and every station, he expects a dawn of hope to break;
Morning begins with pains, evening comes with the hopes of union.

Over and again, winds of mortality blow and are biting cold;
Lamentations as if from rejected orphans are heard everywhere.
By and by, arising from deep within his own conscience come
heavenly sounds laden with meaning and mystery.

A time comes when, like overflowing waves, he overflows
with longing to touch eternity and sails as far as the shore.
But he is stopped there, unable to move as if held in chains.
He brims over with zeal but remains in his narrow pool.

Confined within the walls of matter, man feels imprisoned
though knowing the horizons of being are of infinite breadth.
He always lives autumn in the corners of his heart
and travels through the dark pits of despair lamenting.

Those with hearts set on eternity live a honeymoon every night,
rapturous and joyful with the pleasure of endless spectacles
Observing existence with the profound intuition of their hearts,
they welcome there the music from the higher worlds beyond.

Dressed in shirts of flame, with roses between their lips,
even in the cruelest storms of the most painful days,
their spirits receive fresh life from the ardour of their hearts
and the profound contentment their conviction brings.

Every day man is washed in that ocean of purification,
and feels Him as deeply as angels, and at times
when he is utterly alone, he feels His care and nearness,
and tastes the delight of love and intimacy with Him.

Never worn out

An eternal ‘textile’ woven with silk threads,
pure as rain, cool as the shade of clouds;
its colour and design address all the worlds,
unstained white like the river of milk in Paradise…

Not a transient hope, but peace everlasting,
from which begin all roads leading souls to heaven.
A source of strength for whoever affirms it,
a source of light for whoever takes refuge in it.

It unveils its wonders one after the other
To whoever enters its clime.
It draws the attention of all because of its message,
never worn out, written in the moisture of gabriel’s speech.

Its ever-green hills are pavilions where
the created meet with the Creator.
Satan is always defeated in its climate.
The greatest mystery between the Creator and existence.

Its voice is the most vigorous and enlivening;
Souls thirsty for that mystery stand before it
in utmost respect and ready to follow its way,
enveloped with the fragrant scent of afterlife.

The days it promises approach in blooms of spring;
it points to eternal existence and leads to
eternity, and along all the paths it clears
welcoming breezes blow from gardens of friends…

Through all the succeeding years, time
overflows with the pleasures it brings.
It came with the most profound of messages
and its breath holds the cure for incurable diseases.

The spirit is never heard to wail in its climate,
those burning in love are cooled with the hope of union
Though winter visits every year, those who enter it
gain immortality, suffering no autumn fall.

They advance to eternity with documents
showing their absolution from punishment..
meet with god and seek intimacy with Him
flying on wings of light that cannot tire
they pass impenetrable veils one after the other.

The pure path

One night I had a vision of the future so bright;
There was a peaceful silence and was pouring light upon light.

Things were being done with the precision of clockwork;
Centuries-old confusions disappeared one after the other.

All were respectful to each other and behaved in sincerity;
Water of life was flowing through taps of porphyry.

Holy ones were as if on parade with faces bright with faith
As they walked, they gave strength to our hopes.

People were busy with founding a new world;
The earth was so luminous as if to compete with the sky.

When those heroes with penetrating sight passed by me,
I came to understand that mankind were in the time promised.

I saw young men with clear signs on their faces and concluded
They were those promised to come toward the end of time

I continued my way without stopping, nor becoming tired;
I met those who had absorbed light from the ‘grand fountain’.

Some, full of gratitude, were walking arm-in-arm;
Finally all reached their destination, which is the Pure Path.

The door half-opened through death

What imaginations those coming to this world nourish!
Imaginations as sweet as the joy felt at religious festivals!
And yet the first step taken into the world is also the first step
those who have come to the world take toward the Last Abode.

At the same time as a bitter wind blows in the neighbouring house,
the fragrance of spring is felt in the maternity hospital.
It is inevitable for one who has come to this world
to travel on to the eternal world, to the grief of those around him.

The mind fails into a void as wide and deep as skies,
Lightning strikes feelings deep in his heart, and man
finds himself dragged toward a place unknown.
He shivers with what he hears and is driven to frenzy.

As he advances in pains left from his life
far away from the shores where he once lived,
as he blindly limps through the pits in his soul,
he finds himself dragged into a dark Inlet.

Finally that deep sleep comes to an end,
And it is seen that life is but an illusion.
Dreams end. Day begins to dawn in the real world.
One shivers as if the Last Trumpet’s been blown.

He moves on, looking first ahead and then back;
his old world destroyed, the new as yet unknown.
Death lifts up, one after the other, the veils
before the other world rising as silently as the full moon.

The spirit is surprised, man is startled in fear.
Throngs of men are dragged with no obstacles before them.
You think them like leaves scattered around,
Like leaves blowing in a strong, powerful wind.

They hasten forward with eyes fixed on a point,
where time is no more, no sounds of clocks heard.
There is no returning back, even if they want to.
A different ground, different skies, and signs of the final truth.

The rose of my Heart

As I mentioned you again, nothing else remained in my memory;
I imagined you travelling on the hills of my heart.
A mirage, I know, but it sufficed to calm the anguish of my heart.
As I mentioned you again, nothing else remained in my memory.

I wish I could move the whole of time with love of you,
and travel in your horizons, rising high like spirits;
I wish I, finding a way, could fly into your heart.
I wish I could move the whole of time with love of you.

I’ve come to understand that it’s too late to reach you,
I will lament continually for the pangs of separation;
Lamenting, I will wait with ever-fresh hopes of union with you.
I’ve come to understand that it’s too late to reach you.

My heart, like a pigeon’s, trembles following your footprints;
I beg you to give me a feather from your wing,
so that I might continue after you and reach you.
My heart, like a pigeon’s, trembles following your footprints.

O Rose, which changed dry deserts into gardens of Eden,
Come and, with your intoxicating colour, enter my heart!
It’s time that you smiled into my weeping eyes,
O Rose, which changed dry deserts into gardens of Eden!

Let me be your slave who, like Majnun, runs after you,
Spark such embers within me that I catch fire like a furnace,
and come out of this dream, enduringly bitter without you.
Let me be your slave who, like Majnun, runs after you.

I count how many days have passed without you,
and a gloom invades my soul, darkening it;
Let me see your face, as the sun is about to set.
I count how many days have passed without you.

Let my setting, the last moment of my life, be a new rising,
and my heart be invaded by the colours of your climate;
let lutes be played everywhere, and reed flutes heard.
Let my setting, the last moment of my life, be a new rising.