Reflections on beigns praise and glorification of God

While watching on a mountain top the awe-inspiring forms of the pine cedar and juniper trees and the tremendous spectacle they made, a gentle breeze blew. Since it transformed the scene into a magnificent, delightful and noisy display of dancing and a rapturous performance of praise and glorification of God, the enjoyment of watching it changed into watching for instruction and listening for wisdom. I suddenly recalled these lines of:

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A most direct and safest way to God

There are many ways leading to Almighty God; all of these true ways have been derived from the Holy Book, but some of them are safer, and more comprehensive and lead to the destination more directly than others. The way I have derived from the Holy Book by my own defective understanding, depends upon a man’s perception and confession of his helplessness and poverty before God’s Might and Riches, and upon affection and reflection.

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