What Is Amiracle

What Is Amiracle

A miracle is an extraordinary accomplishment, which God Almighty brings about at the hands of a Messenger in order to prove his Messengerhood, strengthen the faith of believers, and to break the obstinacy of unbelievers.

The universe operates according to fixed laws that God has determined. But for these laws and the uniform character of natural events, everything would be happening in a continuously changing, unstable flux and we could therefore not have found out the Divine laws of nature or realized any scientific developments. Although recent discoveries in atomic physics have made it clear that whatever exists is a wave in continuous motion and therefore it is not possible to say that a second later its existence will be in the same state as it is in now, on the surface everything occurs according to the principles which the ‘classical’ or Newtonian physics established.

Normally, life has its own laws according to which we behave. We need certain amount of food and water to satisfy our hunger and thirst and go to a doctor when we are ill. We use animals to do certain kinds of labor for us but we cannot talk to them. Trees are fixed in their places and neither they nor stones and mountains give us greetings. We act in conformity with the laws of gravitation and repulsion and we do not attempt to rise upwards into the sky without first making calculations based upon those laws.

God is not dependent on or bound to any “natural” laws

All these and other laws are for us; but for them, as we pointed out above, life would be impossible for us. However, since it is God Who has determined them, He is not dependent on or bound to any of these laws at all. Therefore, He may sometimes annul any of these laws or change the ordinary flux of events and create an ‘extraordinary’ occurrence at the hands of a Messenger, either to provide a proof for his Messengerhood or to show that He is able to do whatever He wills at whatever time He desires. We call such an occurrence a ‘miracle’. A miracle literally means something, which makes others unable to produce a like of it. If God creates such an occurrence at the hands of a saint, not a Messenger, then it is called ‘extraordinary favor’. These favors constitute another proof for the Messengerhood of Muhammad and the truth of Islam.

All of the Messengers were favored with miracle working

God Almighty favored all His Messengers with miracle working. However, since all the previous Messengers were sent to a certain people and their Messengerhood was restricted to a certain time and people, the miracles they worked pertained to the arts or crafts widespread in the time of each. For example, since at the time of Moses sorcery enjoyed great prestige in Egypt, God Almighty favored Moses with a ‘staff.’ which would change into a snake which swallowed all the products of sorcerers. Likewise, at the time of Jesus the healing arts enjoyed great prestige and most of the miracles Jesus worked pertained to healing. As for the Messenger Muhammad, since his Messengerhood is universal and the ‘door’ of Messengerhood was closed forever after him, the miracles he worked are very diverse and connected with nearly all species of creation.

When the aide-de-camp of a glorified ruler enters a city, bearing diverse gifts from the ruler, a representative from each of the different peoples or from each of the professional groups or societies or associations of that city welcomes him cheerfully, each in his own way. Similarly, when the supreme Messenger of the Eternal Sovereign honored the universe as an envoy to the inhabitants of the earth, bringing from the Creator the light of truth and spiritual gifts that are related to the truths of the whole of the universe, every kind of entity. from mineral elements to plants, animals and human beings, and from the moon and sun to stars. welcomed him in its own way and language and became a means for one kind of his miracles.

Every word, act and state of the noble Messenger bears witness to his Messengerhood and his faithfulness, but not all of them need necessarily be miraculous

Every word, act and state of the noble Messenger bears witness to his Messengerhood and his faithfulness, but not all of them need necessarily be miraculous. For the Almighty sent him in the form of a human being so that he could be a guide and leader to human beings in all their individual and collective affairs, through which they can attain happiness in both worlds, and so that he could disclose to human beings the wonders of God’s art and the works of His Power, each of which is, in fact, a miracle although it appears to us ordinary and familiar. If he had been extraordinary in all his acts, then he could not have been a guide to human beings and instructed them through his words, acts and attitudes. He was, however, provided with some extraordinary phenomena to prove his Messengerhood to obstinate unbelievers and so he occasionally worked miracles. But his miracles never occurred in such an obvious fashion as would have obliged people to believe as it were against their free will. For, in accordance with the test and trial that man is to undergo in the world, the way to truth must be shown to him without depriving him of using his free will. If the miracles had occurred in so apparent a way as to compel people to believe, without allowing them to use their own power of choice, then intelligence would have been left with no choice and there would have remained no meaning in testing man in this life and in his being the noblest of creation endowed with a free will and intellect.

The majority of the Messenger’s miracles, numbering about one thousand, were related, first, by a group of Companions and then by numerous reliable narrators and authorities, and were recorded in authentic books of Tradition. As for the rest of them, although they were related each by one or two Companions, they must also be indisputable, as they later acquired unanimity by being accepted as truth by reliable authorities and narrated by more than one chain of transmission. In addition, most of those miracles occurred in the presence of great gatherings, either during a military campaign or a wedding ceremony or on similar occasions like a feast, and one or two of those present related the miracle and the others confirmed him by keeping silent. Therefore, the miracles recorded in authentic books of Tradition are indisputable and it is impossible to deny or reject them


Testimony Of Trees To Muhammad

Testimony Of Trees To Muhammad

1. Jabir ibn Abd Allah reports:

We were walking with God’s Messenger. We went down a wide valley. The Messenger searched for a place to relieve himself. When he saw that there was not a single covered place, he went to the two trees he had caught sight of by the valley. He Testimony Of Trees To Muhammadpulled one of them by one of its branches, next to the other tree. The tree was like an obedient camel being pulled by its reins. He addressed them: Join together over me by God’s leave! The trees joined together and formed a screen.

2. ‘Abd Allah ibn Omar reports:

God’s Messenger used to lean against a pole called the ‘date-palm trunk’ when delivering a sermon. Later a pulpit was built and when the Messenger started giving his sermons from it, the pole moaned because of its separation from him. The Messenger climbed down and stroked it. The pole stopped moaning.

3. Abu Said al-Khudri relates:

God’s Messenger gave Qatada ibn Numan a stick on a dark night, saying: “This stick will light up your surroundings as far as seven meters. When you get home, you will see a black shadow. Without giving it respite to tell you anything, strike it with this stick.”

Qatada did what God’s Messenger told him to.


Testimony Of Animals To Muhammad

Testimony Of Animals To Muhammad

The animal kingdom recognized God’s Messenger and became the means for him to work miracles. Although there are many examples, we will mention here only a few that have become well known and agreed on by exacting authorities.

Testimony Of Animals To Muhammad1. During the Emigration, when God’s Messenger took shelter from the pursuit of unbelievers in the cave of Thawr, two pigeons stood guard at the entrance like two sentries, and a spider, like a doorkeeper, covered the entrance of the cave with a thick web. As Ubayy in Khalaf, one of the chieftains of the Quraysh, was examining the cave, his friends suggested that they should enter, but he answered: ‘There is a web here, which seems to have been spun before the birth of Muhammad.’ The others added: ‘Would those pigeons, standing there, still be there if someone were in the cave?’

2. As another example, Jabir relates:

I was with God’s Messenger during a military campaign. When my camel became exhausted and left behind, God’s Messenger prodded it slightly. This made the camel so fast that I had to pull on the reins to make it slower so that I could listen to the Messenger, but I was unable to [slow it down].

3. Anas ibn Malik reports:

A woman offered God’s Messenger a roasted sheep. God’s Messenger ate a piece of it but, according to the narration of Abu Dawud, stopped eating and said: This sheep says that it is poisonous. Then he turned to the woman and asked her why she offered him a poisonous sheep. When the woman replied that she wanted to kill him, the Messenger responded: God will not let you attack and annoy me.

4. Aisha reports:

We had in our house a kind of pigeon. When God’s Messenger was at home, it would stay quiet, but as soon as he left home, it would continually pace to and fro.

5. Anas ibn Malik relates:

God’s Messenger was the comeliest and the most generous and courageous of people. One night the people of Medina heard some voices and set out to investigate in fear. On their way, they saw a man coming towards them, who appeared to be God’s Messenger He said to them: There is nothing to be distressed about. He had mounted Abu Talha’s horse and himself investigated the matter before anybody else. He turned to Abu Talha and said: I found your horse fast and comfortable. Whereas, that horse had been a very slow one. After that night, no other horse could race against it.

Testimony Of Animals To Muhammad


Splitting Of The Moon As His Miracle

Splitting Of The Moon As His Miracle

The miracle of the splitting of the moon was demonstrated before a certain gathering who persisted in denial of Muhammad’s Messengerhood. As was related by ‘Abdallah ibn Masud, while they were in Mina’ one night, the Messenger split the moon into two by a gesture of his index finger. The halves of the moon appeared one behind the mountain and the other in front of it. Then, Splitting Of The Moon As His Miraclethe Messenger turned to us and said: ‘Be witnesses!’

The Holy Book refers to this miracle in the following verses:

“The Hour has approached, and the moon split. But whenever they see a sign, they turn away and say, ‘This is evident magic’ (54:1-2).”


Messengers Protection As A Miracle

Messengers Protection As A Miracle

1. As related through various channels, during the military campaign of Ghatfan and Anmar, a courageous chieftain named Ghowras unexpectedly appeared at the side of God’s Messenger, who was lying under a tree. Ghowras unsheathed his sword and asked God’s Messenger, ‘Who will save you from me now?’ God will, the Messenger replied. “God!” Then he prayed: “O God, suffice me against him in any way You will.”

At that moment, Ghowras was knocked down and his sword slipped from his hand. God’s Messenger took the sword and asked him: Now, who will save you from me?

Ghowras began to tremble and entreated God’s Messenger to spare his life. ‘You are a noble, forgiving one; only forgiveness is expected of you,’ he pleaded. God’s Messenger forgave him, and when Ghowras returned to his tribe, he said to them: ‘I have just come from the best of mankind.’

2. Abu Hurayra relates:

Abu Jahl once asked those near him: ‘Does Muhammad still rub his face against earth [i.e. make prostration]?’

’Yes, he does’, they answered.

Abu Jahl added:

‘By Lat and ‘Uzza, if I see him doing that again, I will tread on his neck or bury his face with soil.’

A short while later God’s Messenger came and set out to pray. When he was in prostration, Abu Jahl approached him but suddenly turned back in fear and amazement, trying to protect himself with his hands. When asked why he had done so, he answered: ‘Truly, between him and me is a trench filled with fire, and something horrible and some wings.’

God’s Messenger commented on the event: “If he had approached me, the angels would have torn him to pieces.”

God promised to guard him against people:

“O Messenger! Make known whatever is revealed unto you from your Lord, for if you do it not, you will not have conveyed His Message. God will protect you from people. Surely, God guides not the unbelieving folk (5:67).”

Messengers Protection As A Miracle


Miracles Cannot Be Denied

Miracles Cannot Be Denied

1. The noble Messenger declared that he was a Messenger and, in proof of his Messengerhood, he presented the glorious Holy Book and nearly a thousand miracles. Those miracles are as certain to have occurred as the fact that he declared his Messengerhood. It undeniably proves the occurrence of those miracles that even the most obstinate of the unbelievers, as related in some places in the Holy Book, charged him with sorcery. Unable to deny the miracles, they took them to be—God forbid! —Sorcery, in order to excuse their persistence in unbelief or to mislead their followers. The miracles of the Messenger Muhammad are so certain that they have been unanimously confirmed and reported by the authorities of Sayings. A miracle is the confirmation by the Creator of his Messengerhood. It has the effects of the words: “You have spoken the truth.” If, for instance, one claims in thMiracles Cannot Be Deniede presence of the ruler himself that the ruler has appointed him to such and such a position, the word ‘Yes’ uttered by the ruler will be sufficient to prove his claim. Further, if the ruler changes his usual practice and attitude at his request, then this will mean a firmer confirmation of his claim. It is in the same way that the noble Messenger claimed that he was the envoy of the Creator of the universe, and God, the Creator, in turn, changed His unbroken order at his prayer and request so that he could work miracles in order to prove his claim.

2. Denial of the miracles amounts to the denial of God’s existence and the Messengerhood of Muhammad as well as the Divine authorship of the Holy Book. In fact, such a denial is completely absurd and meaningless, for while single evidence is enough to prove a claim, its denial requires an overall investigation through all times and places. For example, if one claims that swans may also be black, in order to prove this claim, it is enough for one to find and show a single black swan. But if you claim that there cannot be any black swans, you will have to show all the swans from the beginning to the end of time. So, denial is something almost impossible to prove. The like of one who dares to deny the miracles, which billions of believers, including hundreds of thousands of saints, scholars and scientists, have confirmed since the Messenger’s claim of Messengerhood, is the like of him who sees closed only one of the thousand doors of a magnificent palace and concludes that it is impossible to enter the palace.

3. Almost all of the Messengers worked miracles. For centuries, millions of Jews and billions of Christians have confirmed the miracles of Moses and Jesus respectively. When compared to the other Messengers, what shortcoming has the Messenger Muhammad that those who confirm Moses’ speaking to God and Jesus’ raising the dead by God’s leave and ascension to heavens, dare to deny Muhammad’s miracles?

4. The creation of Adam and Eve, as well as that of Jesus, is a miracle. God excluded their creation from the law of birth. Although currently entangled in materialistic notions, science will one day have to attribute the origin of life to a Divine miracle. Besides, it is highly questionable whether it is scientific to label as myth the beliefs or concepts or events which the sciences are unable to explain

Sciences ‘walk’ on the feet of theories and develop through ‘trial and error’ to investigate those theories. There are numerous established facts which sciences once regarded as false, just as what were once believed to be established facts are now known as fallacies. Also, there are many other things whose existence we accept unquestionably but cannot establish scientifically. Denial of the miracles is unscientific insofar as such a denial is a judgment or conclusion, which must be based on concrete proof. No one can deny, whether basing on sciences or not, the miracles of the Messenger Muhammad.

5. Some may regard miracles as unreasonable. However, the reason or intellect has no capacity to grasp everything in existence. Second, there are not two persons in the world who have the same intellectual capacity. That is, there is no one who has the same intellectual capacity with another. So, in order to decide something as reasonable or not, whose intellect will serve as a judge? The Holy Book declares: “Whomsoever We will, we raise in degrees. Over every man of knowledge is one who knows better (12:76).”

Thirdly, the magnificent order, harmony and purposefulness in existence decisively point to the One Who has an absolute knowledge, will and power. That One, God the Creator, disposes existence however He wishes. God is not bound by the laws He has established for the operation of the universe. Therefore, whenever He wishes, He can change those laws or can act and create without the means of any laws. So, what behooves man’s intellect is to discover those laws. God has not given man the intellect so that he should judge His acts. The capacity of the intellect is limited; therefore something limited cannot judge the infinite.

6. Time varies or changes according to the dimensions of existence and places. For example, the extend of time is not the same in the world and other planets. Also, the finer or more refined matter is, the more speedy time and movement is. For example, his spirit moves much faster than man himself. Also, the imagining faculty can travel through all spheres within a few seconds.

Again, as people vary from each other according to the power of each, there is also a great difference between the capacities of species. Man is much more powerful than an ant or bee but there are some things which an ant or bee does easily while a man cannot. Also, invisible things or beings like angels and jinn, an even storms and gales, may be much more powerful than human beings. So, all the physical and intellectual powers and capacities are included in a single, absolute Power. If that Power is able to whatever It wishes, then why should we not believe in miracles?

7. We witness, even experience, certain events that we regard as miraculous. Many things occur that we cannot explain with the law of causality. Furthermore, physics asserts today that whatever exists is a wave in continuous motion and therefore it is not possible to say that a second later its existence will be in the same state as it is in now. So, the law of causality is only a veil before the Divine operations so that people do not directly attribute to God certain disagreeable things and events. Therefore, what is unreasonable or unscientific is to deny miracles, not to affirm them.


Messengers Miracles On Inanimate Objects

Messengers Miracles On Inanimate Objects

1. Jabir ibn Samura reports:

God’s Messenger once said: “Prior to my Messengerhood, a rocMessengers Miracles On Inanimate Objectsk in Mecca used to offer me greetings. I still recognize it.”

2. ‘Abd Allah ibn Masud reports:

We could hear food-glorifying God while we were eating with God’s Messenger.

3. It is established through authentic narrations from Ali, Jabir and Aisha Siddiqa that rocks and mountains would say to God’s Messenger, ‘Peace be upon you, O Messenger of God!’ ‘Ali says: ’Whenever we went for a walk in the suburbs of Mecca in the early times of his Messengerhood, trees and rocks we encountered would say, ‘Peace be upon you, O Messenger of God!’

Messengers Miracles On Inanimate Objects


Messengers Miracles On Water

Messengers Miracles On Water

1. The Companions were left without water in a place called Zarwa. They were going to do ritual ablution but they could not find enough water. God’s Messenger ordered them to bring a bowl of water. He dipped his hands into the bowl and water began to run from his fingers like a fountain. Anas ibn Malik says that on that day they were three hundred people.

2. Anas relates this incident on behalf of three hundred persons. Is it at all conceivable that those three hundred people would not have confirmed him, if they thought him to be truthful, or otherwise contradicted him?

3. As a second example, during theMessengers Miracles On Water campaign of Hudaybiya, the Companions complained to God’s Messenger about the lack of water. The Messenger took an arrow out of his arrow-bag and ordered them to put it in the well of Samad. When they did that, the water of the well began to gush. During the campaign, all of the Companions drank from it and did ritual ablution’ with it.

There are many examples of the Messenger’s miracles concerning water. They were related by numerous Companions and transmitted through various reliable channels.


His Ascension As One Of His Miracles

His Ascension As One Of His Miracles

The Holy Book declares:

“Glorified be He Who carried His servant by night from the Sacred Mosque (of Mecca) to the farther Temple (of Jerusalem), the neighborhood of which We have blessed, that We might show him of Our signs. Surely He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing(17:1)

“Then he drew nigh and came down, till he was two bows’ length or even nearer, and He revealed unto His servant what He revealed. The heart (of His servant) lied not (in seeing) what he saw (53:8-11).”

The Ascension is one of the greatest miracles of the Messenger Muhammad. The Messenger realized a spiritual perfection and full refinement through belief and worship and, as a reward God took him to His holy Presence. Escaping from the imprisonment of ‘natural’ laws and material causes and rising beyond the limits of bodily existence, the Messenger crossed distances swiftly and transcended all dimensions of the material world until he reached the holy Presence of God.

Multi-dimensional existence

Atomic physics has changed many notions in physics and established that the material world is a dimension or an appearance of existence. Besides this world, there are many other worlds or dimensions of existence, each of which has its own particularities. Einstein put forward the notion that time is only one of the dimensions of existence. Science has not yet drawn the final conclusions about existence and new findings and developments continually change our view of it. Therefore, especially in our day, it is completely illogical to question the event of Ascension. People have difficulty in understanding how one can penetrate all time at the same moment as a single point. In order to understand this subtle matter, consider the following analogy.

His Ascension As One Of His MiraclesImagine that you are standing with a mirror in your hand, with everything reflected on the right representing the past, while everything reflected on the left represents the future. The mirror can reflect one direction only since it cannot show both sides at the same time as you are holding it. If you wish to reflect both directions at the same time, you will have to rise high above your original position so that left and right directions are united into one and nothing remains to be called first or last, beginning or end.

In the Ascension, the Messenger Muhammad must have moved with the speed of the spirit and he traveled through all time and space and all dimensions of existence in a very short period. During that heavenly journey, he met with the previous Messengers, saw angels and beheld the beauties of Paradise and the terrors of Hell. He also observed the essential realities of all the Holy Book’s issues and the meanings and wisdom of all the acts of worship. He went as far as the realms where even the greatest of angels, Gabriel, cannot reach and was honored with vision of God’s ‘Countenance’ free from any qualitative and quantitative dimensions and restrictions. Then, in order to bring humanity out of the darkness of material existence into the illumined realm of belief and worship, through which they could realize a ‘spiritual’ ascension each according to his capacity, he returned to the world where he was made subject to all kinds of persecution.

His Ascension As One Of His Miracles


Messenger Met With Angels And Jinn

Messenger Met With Angels And Jinn

1. Omar reports:

We were sitting with God’s Messenger when a man appeared beside us. He had dark black hair and was wearing a white robe. There were no signs of traveling upon him. He sat before the Messenger and, touching his knees to the Messenger’s, asked him about faith, Peace, perfection of virtue and the Last Day. After the interview, the man left and disappeared. God’s Messenger turned to me and asked who that man was. ‘God and His Messenger know better’, I answered. The Messenger concluded: “He was Gabriel. He came to teach you your religion.”Messenger Met With Angels And Jinn

2. Sad ibn Abu Waqqas relates:

At the Battle of Uhud, I saw two men dressed in white at each side of God’s Messenger, fighting for his sake. I had never seen them before, nor have I seen them since. (Sad meant that they were two archangels, Gabriel and Michael.)

3. Rifaa ibn Rafi reports:

Gabriel asked God’s Messenger what was their opinion of the Companions who participated in the Battle of Badr. The Messenger answered like this: “We consider them among the most virtuous of Believers.” Gabriel responded: “So do we; we consider the angels who were present there among the most virtuous of angels.”

4. In his Musnad, Ahmad ibn Hanbal reports from ‘Abd Allah ibn Masud that God’s Messenger invited jinn to accept His religion and taught them of the Holy Book.