Universal Providence And Favor

Universal Providence And Favor

The universal providence and favor included in the universal wisdom which is clearly apparent in the purposeful creation of things, and the comprehensive mercy evident from the providence, and the universal sustenance required by that mercy in order to provide all living beings with the food they need, form a seal of Divine Unity so brilliant that anyone who has not altogether lost his power of sight and reasoning will see and understand it.

Universal Providence And FavorLike an individual being in need of sustenance to maintain its life, we see that all the beings in the world, especially the living beings, whether universal or particular, wholes or parts, have many demands and needs, material and otherwise, for their existence, lives, and the maintenance of their lives. They need such things that although they are unable to obtain the least of them, we see that all their requirements, their material and immaterial sustenance, are met for them in a way and from a place unexpected, and with perfect order, at the appropriate time, in a suitable fashion, with perfect wisdom. Does this want and need of creatures and this way of help and assistance from the Unseen not show as clearly as the sun an All Wise Nurturer of Majesty, an All Compassionate Provider of Grace?

The Meaning Of Gods Unity

The Meaning of God’s Unity


The Universe indicates God

The existence of God is too evident to need any arguments. Some saintly scholars even have stated that God is more manifest than any other being but that those who lack insight cannot see Him. Others have said that He is concealed from direct perception because of the intensity of His Self-manifestation.

However the great influence of positivist and materialist schools of thought on science and on all people of recent centuries makes it necessary to discuss this most manifest truth. As this now-prevalent “scientific” world-view reduces existence to what can be perceived directly it blinds itself to those invisible dimensions of existence that are far vaster than the visible.

Let us reflect on one simple historical fact: Since the beginning of human life the overwhelming majority of humanity has believed that God exists. This belief alone is enough to establish God’s Existence. Those who do not believe cannot claim to be smarter than those who do. Among past and present-day believers are innovative scientists’, scholars’, researchers and most importantly saints and Prophets who are the experts in the field. In addition people usually confuse the non-acceptance of something’s existence with the acceptance of its non-existence. While the former is only a negation or a rejection the latter is a judgment that requires proof. No one has ever proven God’s non-existence for to do so is impossible whereas countless arguments prove His existence. This point may be clarified through the following comparison.

Suppose there is a large palace with 1.000 entrances. 999 of which are open and one which appears to be closed. No one could reasonably claim that the palace cannot be entered. Unbelievers are like those who in order to assert that the palace cannot be entered confine their (and others’) attention only to the door that is seemingly closed. The doors to God’s existence are open to everybody provided that they sincerely intend to enter through them.

The most important factor leading many especially those under the spell of materialistic science and its worldview to fix their eyes on the apparently closed door is causality. Causality leads to the vicious chain of cause and effect for each cause is also an effect. Moreover the effect is totally different from the cause. All things and effects are usually so full of art and beneficial purposes that even if all causes gathered they would be unable to produce one single thing let alone their simple immediate causes.

In order for a cause to produce an effect it has to be able to produce the whole universe in which that effect takes place for that effect cannot exist without the whole universe. Nor can they exist separately. Materialist scientists imagine powerless dependent and ignorant causes to be responsible for the existence of beings and things and thus fancy them to possess absolute qualities. In this way they are implying (tacitly believing) that each of those causes possesses qualities that only can be attributed to God.

However the latest discoveries of modern science like the universe’s unity and its parts’ inseparability exclude the possibility of all the explanations put forward by materialistic science. They demonstrate that all entities whether in nature or in the laws and causes attributed to them are devoid of power and knowledge. They are contingent transient and dependent beings. But the properties attributed to any of these entities need infinite qualities like absolute power and knowledge.

This shows that causality is by no means necessarily linked with “objective” study or “neutral” scientific investigation. It is no more than a personal opinion. Moreover it is an opinion that is irrational and devoid of sense.

When we study the universe we see that all beings utterly refute the false claims of materialist and atheistic reasoning through their order mutual relationship and duties. They affirm that they are nothing but the property and creatures of a Single Creator. Each rejects the false notions of chance and causality ascribes all other beings to its own Creator and proves that the Creator has no partners. Indeed when the Creator’s Unity is known and understood correctly it becomes clear that nothing requires that causes should possess any power. Thus they cannot be partners to the Creator for it is impossible for them to be so.

The universe is a document for believers to use. The Qur’an informs us that believing in God is to assent with one’s heart to the Creator with all His Attributes supported by the universe’s testimony. The true affirmation of God’s Unity is a judgment a confirmation an assent and an acceptance that can find its Owner present with all things. It sees in all things a path leading to its Owner and regards nothing as an obstacle to His Presence. If this were not the case it would be necessary to tear and cast aside the universe in order to find Him which is impossible for us.

The universe has been made in the form of an intelligible book so as to make known its Author. The book which addresses humanity seeks to make humanity read the book and its parts and respond with worship and thanks to its Author’s will. Humanity attains to that worship by uncovering the order in the Book of the Universe through scientific study and displaying the functioning of the universe’s beings and workings.

The universe is not passive or neutral. We cannot interpret it as we wish for there is only one correct way of looking at the world one universal world-view common to all humanity. This view is taught to us in the Qur’an as well as in the Book of the Universe by our Creator. This means that the Qur’anic world-view recognizes that the perception of the world differs relatively from one person to another. It allows for plurality within unity so that a universal dialogue is possible. This world-view contains no fragmentation or conflict only harmony assistance peace and compassion.

The materialist scientific world-view is based on radical fragmentation for it views nature as a mechanism with no inherent value and meaning. It isolates an object by cutting off its connections with the rest of the world and studies it within its immediate environment.

But our perception of ourselves tells us that we are meaningful and part of the whole universe and that everything must have a meaning and be part of the universe. Materialist science has left the subject—humanity—out of the universe and insofar as this science is taking over people feel that they have no place in this world. Thus they are isolated and live lives without meaning except in a very limited egoistic sense. People are alienated from their environment and from themselves.

The universe is an inseparable whole. Indeed the unity observed in its totality including humanity is so clear that no one can deny it. Thus the materialistic approach to the scientific method has to be reconsidered. This method is reductionist for it reduces every thing to fragments and then attributes each fragment to causes. But in reality all things are interconnected and interdependent for it is impossible to attribute anything however small to causes that are themselves transient and contingent. Since whatever is responsible for one thing must be responsible for everything we cannot have one thing without the whole.

Why can we ascribe a thing to its antecedents in time but not to its neighbors in space? Why should a thing be able to produce another thing just because it happened before? All modern scientists know that space and time are fully equivalent and unified into a four-dimensional continuum in which both “here” and “there” and “before” and “after” are relative. In this four-dimensional space the temporal sequence is converted into a simultaneous co-existence the side-by-side existence of all things. Thus causality appears to be an idea limited to a prejudiced experience of the world.

Causality does have some meaning. Opposites are mingled in this world: truth with falsehood light with darkness good with evil white with black and so on. Since people have ingrained inclinations toward both good and evil they are tested in this world to determine whether they will use their free will and other faculties in the way of truth and good or otherwise

Divine Wisdom requires that the veil of causes and laws be drawn before Divine Power’s operations. If God had willed. He could train the planets with His “Hands” in a way observable by us or let visible angels administer them. Then we would not be speaking of the laws of causes involved such as gravitation. Or in order to communicate His Commandments. God could speak to each person directly without sending any Prophets or could write His Name with stars in the sky in order to compel us to believe in His Existence and Oneness. But in this case humanity’s earthly existence would not be an arena of trial that pushes us to new developments and discoveries in science and technology thereby enabling us to remove one veil more from the meaning of existence.

Like a mirror’s two sides existence has two aspects or dimensions: one visible and material known as the Realm of Opposites and (in most cases) Imperfections and the transparent pure and perfect spiritual realm. The material dimension must—and does—contain events and phenomena that appear disagreeable to us. Those who cannot perceive the Divine Wisdom behind all things may even criticize the Almighty for those disagreeable events and phenomena. To prevent that. God uses natural laws and causes to veil His acts. For example so that we do not criticize God or His Angel of Death for the loss of our beloved ones or our own death. God places diseases and natural disasters (among other “agents” or “causes”) between Himself and death.

On account of this world of testing and trial’s essential imperfection we encounter and suffer from many deficiencies and shortcomings. In absolute terms every event and phenomenon is good and beautiful in itself or in its consequences. Whatever God does or decrees is good beautiful and just. Injustice ugliness and evil are only apparent or superficial and arise from humanity’s errors and abuses. For example although a court may pass an unjust sentence on you you should know that Destiny permits that judgment because of a crime that you are hiding. Whatever befalls us is usually the result of self-wronging an evil that we ourselves have done. However those who lack the necessary sound reasoning and judgment to understand the Divine Wisdom behind events and phenomena may impute directly to God the apparent ugliness or evil imperfections and shortcomings experienced in worldly life even though God is absolutely free of any defect or imperfection.

Therefore so that people do not ascribe any ugliness or evil to God. His Glory and Grandeur require that natural causes and laws be a veil before His acts while belief in His Unity demands that those causes and laws should not be ascribed to any kind of creative power.

If God Almighty acted in the world directly and not through causes and laws we would be unable to develop scientific knowledge or live even an instant of a happy life free of fear and anxiety. We can observe and study patterns in phenomena thanks to God’s acting from behind natural causes and laws. Otherwise each event would be a miracle. The regularity within the flux and mutability of events and phenomena makes them comprehensible to us and so awakens within us the desire to wonder and reflect which is a principal factor in establishing science. For the same reason we are able to plan and arrange our future affairs to some degree. Just consider how life would be if we did not know whether the sun would rise tomorrow!

Whoever owns such attributes as beauty and perfection desires to know them and make them known. God owns absolute beauty and perfection and is independent of all things. He also owns a holy transcendent love and thus a sacred desire to display His Beauty and Perfection. If He showed His Names and Attributes directly without the “medium” of causes and laws we could not endure them. He manifests them as he does and by degrees within the confines of time and space so that we can connect with them reflect on them and perceive them. The gradual manifestation of Divine Names and Attributes is also a reason for our curiosity and wonder about them.

Dr. Ali Unal

The Spirit And The Conscience

The Spirit And The Conscience

Despite enormous advances in the sciences, man is unable to explain life. Life is the gift of the Ever-Living One, Who The Spirit And The Consciencebreathes a spirit into each embryo. We know little concerning the nature of the spirit and its relation with the body but our ignorance of its nature does not mean it does not exist. The spirit is sent to the world to be perfected and acquire a state appropriate for the other life.

The conscience of man is the center of his inclinations towards wise choices between right and wrong and everybody can feel this conscience on some occasions. Also, almost each human being feels inclination to turn to God especially or certain occasions. The inclination toward God and even belief in Him is intrinsic in man. Even if man denies God consciously, his unconscious belief in Him shows itself on certain occasions. The Holy Book mentions this in some of its verses:

It is He Who enables you to travel on the land and the sea; and when you are in the ship, and the ships run with a favorable wind and they rejoice in it, there comes upon them a strong wind, and waves come on them from every side and they think that they are encompassed. Then they cry unto God, making their faith pure for Him only, (saying): ‘If you deliver us from this, we truly will be thankful!’ (10:22)

Then [Abraham] broke them [the idols of his people] into pieces, all except the large one, so that they might turn to Him. [When they returned and saw the state of their idols] they said: . Who has done this to our gods. Surely it must be some evildoer.. They said: . We have heard a youth talk of them; he is called Abraham.. They said . Then, [at once] bring him before the eyes of the people, so that they may testify.. [When Abraham was there] they said: . Is it you who has done this to our gods, O Abraham?. He said: . Nay, this is their chief, has done it, so ask them, if they can speak.. At once they turned to themselves and said: . You, you are the wrongdoers!. Then they were utterly confounded and said: . O Abraham! You have known that these do not speak.. Abraham said: . Do you then worship, besides God, those things that cannot profit in anything at all, nor harm you?. . Fie upon you, and all that you worship instead of God! Do you not use your intelligence?. They said: . Burn him (immediately) and protect your gods, if you are doing anything.. (21: 58-68)

So, the spirit and conscience are a strong argument for the existence of One God.

Single Pomegranate Costs The Whole Universe

Single Pomegranate Costs The Whole Universe

To conclude: When attributed to Almighty God, all things become as easy as a single thing, while if they are ascribed to causes, a single thing becomes as difficult as everything. Since this is so, the extraordinary Single Pomegranate Costs The Whole Universecheapness and facility observed in the universe and endless abundance before our eyes display the stamp of Unity like the sun. If these fruits which we obtain in such plenty and for so little cost were not the property of the One of Unity, even if we gave the whole world in payment, we would not have a single pomegranate to eat, since it requires the purposeful and conscious co-operation of as many and universal elements as earth, air, water, and the light and heat of the sun, an the seed, which are all unconscious and act at the disposal of a Single Maker, Who is Almighty God. The cost of a single pomegranate or any other fruit is the whole universe.

Perfection In Creation Points To One Who Is Perfect

Perfection In Creation Points To One Who Is Perfect

For example, the perfect design and adornments of a perfect palace show behind them the perfection of a master builder’s acts. The perfection of the acts shows the perfection of that eminent builder’s titles, which specify his rank. The perfection of the titles shows the perfection of the builder’s attributes, which are the origin of his art. The perfection of the art and attributes show the perfection of Perfection In Creation Points To One Who Is Perfectthe abilities and essential capacity of that master. The perfection of those essential abilities and capacity show the perfection of the essential nature of the master.

In just the same way, these faultless works observed in the universe, this art in the well-ordered beings of the universe, point evidently to the perfection of the acts of an Effective, Powerful Agent. The perfection of those acts clearly points to the perfection of that Majestic Agent’s Names. That perfection necessarily points and testifies to the perfection of the Attributes of the Majestic One known with the Names. The perfection of the Attributes certainly points and testifies to the perfection of the essential capacity and qualities of the Perfect One qualified by those attributes. The perfection of the essential capacity and qualities point with such absolute certainty to the perfection of the One having such capacity and qualities that all the types of perfections observed throughout the universe are but the signs of His Perfection, hints of His Majesty, and allusions to His Beauty, in the forms of pale, weak shadows in comparison with His Perfect Reality.



ProphetsTens of thousands of Prophets came and guided mankind to truth. All of them were justly renowned for their truthfulness and other praiseworthy virtues. All of them without exception gave priority in their missions to preaching the existence and Oneness of God.

Orderliness In Creation

Orderliness In Creation

Orderliness In CreationFrom tiniest particles to huge spheres and galaxies, everything in the universe and the universe as a whole display a magnificent harmony and order. Not only in things themselves but also between all things there is a harmonious relation, so much so that as the existence of a single part necessitates the existence of the whole, so also the whole requires the existence of all its parts for its existence. The deformation of a single cell may lead to the death of a whole body; similarly a single pomegranate demands for its existence the collaborative and cooperative existence of air, water, earth, and the sun and a well-balanced cooperation between them. This harmony and cooperation in the universe point to a creator of order, who knows everything in all its relations and with all its characteristics, and who is able to put everything in order. That creator of order is God.

Mutual Helping In The Universe

Mutual Helping In The Universe

As is mentioned above, all things in the universe, including those remotest from Mutual Helping In The Universeeach other, run to the help of one another. This mutual helping in the universe is so comprehensive that, for example, as almost all things including air, water, fire, earth, the sun and skies, help man in the extraordinarily pre-arranged manner, so also the cells, members and systems of his body cooperate for the maintenance of his life. Earth, air, water and heat and bacteria in earth cooperate for the life of plants. This cooperation and mutual helping, observed among unconscious beings but displaying knowledge and conscious purpose, show the existence of one who arranges them in that miraculous way

Mercy And Providence

Mercy And Providence

All living and even non-living beings are in continuous need of many things, even a small portion of which they are unable to supply by themselves. For example, the operation and maintenance of the universe demand the existence of certain universal laws, such as growth, reproduction, gravitation and repulsion. However, these laws, which we call ‘natural laws’, have no external, visible or material existence; they exist nominally. Something with a nominal existence only, which Mercy And Providencehas no knowledge and consciousness, can evidently not be responsible for a miraculous creation, which requires absolute power and absolute knowledge, wisdom, and power of choice and preference. So, one who has all these attributes has established these ‘natural laws’ and uses them as veils before His operations for a certain purpose.

Also, plants need air, water, heat and light for their life, none of which they are able to meet by themselves. As for the needs of man, they are too many to enumerate. Fortunately, all his essential needs, from the very beginning of his earthly existence in his mother’s womb to his death, are met beyond his own capacity and intervention. When he enters into the world, he finds everything prepared to meet all the needs of his senses and intellectual and spiritual faculties. This clearly shows that one who is infinitely merciful and knowledgeable provides for all created beings in the most extraordinary way and causes all things to collaborate to that end.

Man Is Innately Dispositions And History Of Mankind

Man Is Innately Dispositions And History Of Mankind

Man is innately disposed to good and beauty and averse to evil and ugliness. He is Man Is Innately Dispositions And History Of Mankindalso inclined to virtues and moral values. Therefore, unless corrupted by external factors and conditions, he seeks the good and moral values, which are universal. The values man naturally seeks are the same virtues and morality, which the Divine inspired religions have promulgated. As history witnesses, mankind has never lived without a religion. Just as no other system has so far been able to supersede religion in the life of mankind, so too it has always been the Prophets and religious people who have been most influential in the life of mankind and left indelible marks on it. This is another irrefutable proof for the existence of One God.