What Is A Prayer

What Is A Prayer

Prayer is a great mystery of servanthood to God, the very essence of it.

Prayer is a great mystery of servanthood to God, the very essence of it. There are three kinds of prayer.

Types or kinds of prayer

The first kind of prayer is that which is made by the tongue of innate disposition. All seeds and seed-stones pray to the All- Wise Creator through their disposition, their nature, to grow and flourish into an elaborate plant or a huge tree, so that they may make fully manifest the inscriptions of His Names.

Prayer through natural disposition

The existence of all the circumstances necessary for a particular effect to come about is also a prayer through natural disposition, a plea that that effect be realized. That is, the arrangement of necessary circumstances may be likened to a tongue of disposition praying to the All-Powerful and Majestic One to create the desired effect. For example, water, heat, soil and light come together for a seed to grow into a tree to the effect that they pray God, ‘O Creator, make this seed grow into a tree!’ It is inconceivable that those unconscious, inanimate, individual material existences, like water, soil, heat and light, could of themselves create a tree, which is, in essence, a miracle of Divine Power, so the assemblage of causes that lead to a certain result is a sort of prayer done by the tongue of disposition… Please click to read more

Is there any necessity for praying and worshipping?

There are five points to explain this question. The First Sort of Supplication: This is the tongue of latent ability, through which all seeds and grains supplicate to the All-Wise Creator, saying: “Make us grow! Make our tiny truths sprout and transform us into the mighty reality of a tree, so that we may display the elaborate embroideries of Your Names!”… Please click to read more

What is the reason for worship and servitude of God?

Worship and servitude of God look to the Divine command and Divine pleasure. The reason for worship is the Divine command and its result is Divine pleasure. Its fruits and benefits look to the Hereafter. Please click to read more

Does God Almighty need for our worship?

God Almighty has no need of your worship, nor indeed of anything else. Rather, it is you who needs to worship, for in truth you are sick. Worship is a sort of remedy for your spiritual wounds. … Please click to read more

What is the best kind of petitionary prayer of a believer for another?

It is one in accordance with the conditions of its acceptability. A prayer is more or less acceptable in consideration of certain conditions being met. For example, when one prays to God for something, he should first cleanse himself by asking for forgiveness from God, and then call God’s… Please click to read more

A special approach for starting a supplication

As God’s noble Messenger declares: Whoever recites ‘All praise be to God, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the layers of the …’ Please click to read more

A Supplication or Praise the Master of the Universe

Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth; in the alternation of night and the day; in the sailing of the ships through the oceans for the profit of mankind; in the rain which God sends down from the skies, and the life He gives therewith to an earth that is dead; ….Please click to read more

A prayer for spiritual healing.

While afflicted with numerous wounds and sores for a long time, he recalled the great recompense to be had for his sickness, and endured it with utmost patience. But later, when the worms generated by his wounds penetrated to his heart and his tongue, the seat of the remembrance and knowledge of God, he feared…Please click to read more

Why do we need to worship God?

If you want to understand what great profit and happiness lie in worship, and what great loss and ruin lie in vice and dissipation listen to and take heed of the following story which is in the form of a comparison:…Please click to read more

What is the importance of Thanksgiving?

We see in the creation of the world that its beings are arranged as though in a circle with life as its central point. All beings look to life, and serve life, and produce the necessities of life. That is to say,… Please click to read more

Who are you going to call, when everything is united against you?

The supplication of Prophet Jonah is a most powerful supplication, a most effective means for obtaining answer to prayer. The summary of the celebrated story of Jonah is as follows: He was cast into the sea… Please click to read more

Why all of our prayers have not been answered?

Belief necessitates supplication as a certain means of securing needs, and just as human nature has an intense desire for it, so too the Almighty God decrees, Say, “My Sustainer would not concern Himself with you but for your supplication,” … Please click to read more

What are the essentials of the worship and duties required for man?

Man has been sent to this world as a guest with a special responsibility, and endowed with important potentials. He has been assigned important duties in accordance with these potentials, and strongly urged to carry out those duties and gravely threatened if he fails to do so. In order to make the mystery of “being the best pattern of creation” more comprehensible,…..Please click to read more

How can we respond to those universal, infinite favors through restricted particular thankfulness?

Through a universal intention and infinitely profound belief and devotion. Suppose a poor man enters the presence of the king with a present of a few dollars and sees that gifts worthy of millions each have come from the king’s favorite men and been arranged there. He thinks:… Please click to read more

Is man’s weakness and impotence an appeal for divine help?

Man, among the creatures, is much like a tender child. His strength originates in his weakness and his power in his impotence. It is on account of this want of strength and power that the whole of creation has been subjugated to him. If, therefore,… Please click to read more

Is it possible for us to give enough thanks to God for even a morsel of food?

If only the picture of a bunch of grapes had been shown to us, could the whole of mankind produce it, even if they worked in close cooperation? Whereas God nourishes us with all those bounties of His for nothing and in return demands from us almost nothing. … Please click to read more

The prescribed prayers are the pillar of the Spirituality

If you would really like to understand, with the certainty that two plus two makes four, how valuable and important prescribed prayers are, and with what slight effort is their reward gained, and how foolish and harmful is the one who does not pray, then listen attentively to this parable:… Please click to read more

The reality of the prescribed prayers is a kind of ascension

The reality of the daily prescribed prayers, which is, in fact, a kind of Ascension, is like the soldier in the previous comparison being admitted to the royal Presence as a pure favor…. Please click to read more

The Meaning of the different times of prayer

Each occasion of prayer is not only the open­ing of a significant turning point but also is a mirror to Divine disposal of power and to the universal Divine bounties within that disposal. We are enjoined to perform the prescribed prayers at these defined times…. Please click to read more


Those who deny spells and sorcery do so either because they do not believe in anything related to metaphysics or what they suppose to be connected with religion or because they are completely unaware of the realities beyond the physical realm. A man in his fifties once told me:… Please click to read more

What Is A Prayer

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